Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Dare to Dream Big List

This year, I'm trying out something new--an idea that Wise Self noted was a "must do."  I am building a list of my boldest dreams possible for the coming New Year.  It's a sacred list; one I've decided to keep to myself--barring one exception--getting published in 2014.

Have you ever created a list such as this--one containing your largest, most dreamed-of desires? It's a first for me.  I'm generally pretty practical about what it is I hope to do in the coming year. There's rarely (if ever) any "wildest dreams" aspect involved.

The nice thing about my list is that there's no pressure to achieve any of the things I've dared to dream about.  The key is I allowed myself permission to simply do so...

Who knows? Doing so may help me to explore my dreams further--put them on my "radar" for future actualization.

Tomorrow, I'll share my 2014 mantra.  It's one I've already begun to use.  So far, it's created a feeling of "can do" more than anything I've utilized to date--so, I'm truly excited to share it.

Beanie: Gifted
Turtleneck: Jeanne Pierre via T.J. Maxx
Jean Vest: J Crew
Handbag: The Leather Satchel Company via Asos
Boots: Vintage Kinney (thrifted via Vintage Vogue in Bloomington, IN)
Jeans: Liz Claiborne via JCP
Navy Leather Gloves: Vintage Aris (consigned)
Blue Topaz Pendant: Gifted
Sunnies: Target

Guess what I did over this past weekend?  I took a few steps toward one of my biggest, boldest dreams (smile).  My book's proposal was mailed to a publishing company.  Will keep all apprised...

Joy, peace and hugs, T.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Gifted Relaxation...

Santa (a.k.a. my dear loved ones) was especially good to me this year.  I received many precious treasures; including a couple of gift certificates for massages and another one for use at a local spa (think I'll use that one to indulge in both a facial and mani).

January promises to be a busy month--both personally and professionally. My plan is to schedule a bit of relaxed bliss for myself along the way--thanks to the thoughtfulness of my lovely family! Think I'll carve out time, today, for getting my appointments scheduled...

Another fab present I received was a gift card to Walgreen's.  I used it to buy six new bottles of Essie nail polish.  You see, my home manis are a part of my weekly relaxation, too.  This January, I'm excited to try out the lovely new shades of polish I bought.

Coat: J Crew
Beret: Urban Outfitters
Sunnies: Firmoo
Turtleneck: TranquiliT
Jeans: American Eagle
Boots: Nine West
Sweater: Ivy
Gloves: Target
Statement Necklace: Consigned

How are you planning to get your "relax" on in 2014? What did Santa bring you this year? Would love hearing about it!  BTW, I've linked, again this week, to the Two Birds' blog. Drop by and enjoy the post-holiday festivities with me!

Joy and peace, T.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Before 2013 Ends, I Hope To...

Seasons greetings! I've enjoyed a wonderful past few days, celebrating holiday joy with my family.  To me, there's nothing better than that. Spending quality time with those I love feeds my soul immeasurably.

Betwix and between festivities, there are a few things I'd like to accomplish in the next week and a half... A few of those include:
  • reorganizing my closet
  • reading (or at least putting a good dent in the reading of) Debra Ollivier's What French Woman Know: About Love, Sex, and Other Matters of the Heart and Mind
  • getting a pedi
  • art journaling
  • planning for a 2014 bedroom redo
  • sending my book proposal to a publisher
  • practicing yoga at home
  • journal writing in front of the fireplace
  • finalizing January's budget

Wool Beret: Vintage (consigned)
Sunnies: Nine West via T.J. Maxx
Turtleneck: Target
Statement Necklace: Purchased from talented friend
Vest: Susan Bristol (vintage)
Belt: Tommy Hilfiger
Jeans: Bitten/Sarah Jessica Parker
Boots: Nine West
Handbag: Milly

What's on your agenda in the remaining days of 2013?  Would adore hearing about it!

Joy & peace, T.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

An Amusing Yet Worthy Holiday Sentiment

adore listening to vintage holiday tunes! Do you?

A few afternoons ago, I was listening to Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra singing Auld Lang Syne.  It must have been recorded as part of an old television or radio special.  As the song ended, some unknown voice came over the air at the end of the recording thanking all for tuning in.  The host's final words were so amusing; nevertheless, what was said begs for further contemplation...

He said, "Put your troubles away until tomorrow. if you’re lucky, someone will break into your house tonight and steal them!”

Great thought, huh? Amusing; yet, so very thought provoking.  What if it were that easy--to tuck our worries to bed and then have them whisked away?  Stolen out from under us--just like that...

I'm vowing to mindfully try--to simply put all worries away. Deal with the joy of each moment versus life's "What if's."  How about you?  Want to join me in this effort? It's a worthy cause, yes?

Cardigan: Woolrich
Breton Striped Shirt: L.L. Bean
Sunnies: Firmoo
Hat: Kohl's
Jeans: Chico's
Bangle Bracelet: MNG by Mango
Boots: Relativity
Handbag: The Leather Satchel Company via Asos
Gloves: Target
Umbrella: Target

Happy holiday to you! Joy, peace and hugs, T.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Rest, Relaxation and Reflection...

Late last Friday afternoon marked my last day in the office until early January.  For many years now, I've enjoyed using vacation leave the last week of the year. For me, it's always been a time of rest, relaxation and reflection.

Oh yes--I'll continue to blog during my time off--as that's an activity that feeds my soul (smile). But, I also plan to read, journal, create vision boards, meditate, practice yoga, nap, and other practices that will nurture my spirit.

During my sacred time off, I'll also choose my 2014 mantra, establish the coming year's dreams and zero in on how I want my life to look one year from now.  It's my holiday gift to me.

Cashmere Sweater: No Brand (and 10+ years old)
Dress Styled as a Skirt: Jones New York (consigned)
Gloves: Target
Handbag: Milly
Boots: Nine West
Sunnies: Firmoo
Faux Fur Scarf: No Brand

What's your holiday gift to yourself? Would love hearing about it!

Check it out! I've linked (again) this week to Two Birds' blog along with others donning animalier prints and other pieces related to this week's inspiration photo.

Joy, peace and hugs, T.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Journaling: No Wrongs. Just Writes.

I'm an avid journaler...at least, most of the time I am. Recent travels, pre-holiday busyness, and (now) enjoying every moment with our son, who is home visiting from graduate school--has resulted in no journal writing for the past few weeks.

That's the beauty of journaling, though. I get to make up the rules, and do so in a way that works for me.  There are no wrongs; only writes (on my own terms!).

Beanie: Simply Vera Wang
Sunnies: Firmoo
Boucle Blazer: Investments (via Dillard's)
Sweater: Banana Republic (thrifted)
Pencil Skirt: ModCloth
Boots: Nine West
Gloves: Target
Enamel Necklace: Vintage via Etsy

Are you a journal writer? Share your thoughts on journaling with me.  I'd love to hear them!

Joy and peace, T.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Self-Nurturing=Taking Pause...

 Did anyone else catch that marvelous full moon a few days ago? I did. And, it was luscious...

I was actually rushing to finish getting ready for work--early Monday morning.  Hurrying past a window, I caught a glimpse.  Then, I stopped and took pause--at least for a few sacred minutes. It was sheer bliss.

Moments such as these truly equate to my doing something totally nurturing for myself.  Cherished instances of pause allow me to care for myself on one of life's deepest levels...

Cashmere Cardigan: Gifted (xo Andrew & Amanda!)
Blouse: Forever 21
Tweed Skirt: Banana Republic (consigned)
Tights: Simply Vera Wang (Kohl's)
Boots: Relativity
Gloves: Target
Sunnies: Firmoo
Glass Art Deco Beads: Millrace Antiques (vintage)

Share with me a special moment of pause you've enjoyed. I'd love hearing about it!

Joy & hugs, T.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Style Bliss: Wisely Reusing

Last Saturday night, we were scheduled to attend a holiday party in Findlay (about 45 minutes from where we live).  Then, it hit (the snowstorm--that is).  Snowy, icy roads and nearly nine inches of snow equated to us enjoying take out and time cozied up in front of the fireplace at home, instead.  Given the weather, it was a safer (and comfier) alternative.

The celebration we were originally slated to attend is one sponsored by my husband's employer.  It's a fairly swanky soiree; folks dress up quite a bit for it.  Nice thing is, I'm far beyond the "old" days when I'd have purchased something new to wear to an event such as this.  You see, I had planned on wearing one of several dresses already hanging in my closet, and I was more than fine with that (smile). Turns out it was the wisest choice to make, too.

These pics were taken, downtown, on Saturday morning--post my standing breakfast date with Mark (and, before the majority of the snow had fallen). I'm wearing a few "reused" pieces, here, as well. The vest had been my youngest son's.  He received it as a holiday gift when he was still in junior high school (about 10 years ago).  A growing boy, he outgrew it before he got much use wear out of it.  That's okay, mama has, though!  The sweater is thrifted.  I bought it one evening last week.  Isn't it great?  It, too, looks barely (if ever) worn.

Hat: Bitten/Sarah Jessica Parker
Vest: Tommy Hilfiger
Scarf: No brand (purchased at the grocery store)
Gloves: American Eagle
Sweater: Tommy Girl via Tommy Hilfiger (thrifted)
Jeans: Chico's
Sunnies: Vera Bradley
Suade Boots: Payless
Handbag: Fossil

I know others (out there) are enjoying reuse bliss as well... Please share your joy, here, with us, all!

Joy, peace and bliss!  T.