Friday, January 18, 2013

Wise Self Personal Challenge

Answered the Wise Self's call, last eve, to paint in my art journal!

Ever feel like the universe is continuously tapping you on the shoulder, knocking on your door or standing before you holding a sign?  I do; quite frequently, in fact.  I’m guessing most others do, too—at least to some extent. It's what I refer to as "my Wise Self in action..."

One of my best sources of self-celebration is found in connecting to and honoring my Wise Self. I accredit listening to + honoring my Wise Self for the writing of my first book. Currently, it's what's enabling me to craft a book proposal for my latest literary endeavor.

Even knowing this, I sometimes forget how very much wisdom my Wise Self has.  For example, I'll discount my concerns, or ignore a call to engage in a creative activity.  That's why I've issued myself the challenge below (which I hope you'll join me in!).

Here's the challenge:  The next time you feel that tap, hear the knock or see the sign...stop, and fully heed her call.  Then, act accordingly—in observance of what your Wise Self is encouraging you to do, not do, etc.  Afterwards, carve out time to reflect upon what happened...

Please share your Wise Self thoughts with me.  Joy & peace this lovely Friday! T.