Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Mindful Winter Afternoon's Walk

There’s an Anna Nalick tune that includes the line, “Winter just wasn’t my season...”  I've often said I could relate to that particular verse of that song...

Yesterday, despite chill winds that made temps in the lower 30’s feel even colder, I chose to walk to a scheduled afternoon meeting.  What this equates to is me, yet again, pushing past my comfort zone a bit.

Okay...confession time... My walk was only about six blocks each way.  Even so, this is somewhat significant.  Only a few years ago, I’d have, instead, driven to that meeting.  

I now realize what I would have missed, yesterday, in doing so:

sunny skies, smiling faces I passed along the way, fresh air, the chance to practice a moving meditation, a spot of added exercise during my day, lovely scenery (as pictured all throughout this post), and the joy found in doing something that initially pushed me outside of my comfort zone.

Winter just might be my season after all…  Joy, peace & happy “little Friday” to you!  T.