Friday, November 30, 2012

I Adore Handmade Etsy!

Today’s blog post (which is also this week’s podcast episode) is a video celebrating handmade Etsy goodies.  I, too, have joined the growing number of women selling handmade goods (Yes, I have an Etsy shop!).

Currently, my book, Eternal Presents: Accepting and Using the Precious, Intangible Gifts Others Give Us, is the sole item featured in my Etsy shop (It's also sold on Amazon.).  One of my goals for December is to add an MP3 about goal setting in the New Year to my shop (which will possibly include an e-workbook).  Stay tuned for added details in the coming weeks!

In the event you missed the previous Tickled Pink Woman podcasts, I’ve included the links below:
Episodes 1, 2, 3, and 4.

You might also enjoy these past posts (To access the one related to my writing basket, click here.  To read one which provides a link to the cards featured in today's video, click here).

I welcome your ideas for upcoming podcast and video subject matters!  Email me or provide suggestions via comments to this blog post. 

Have a wonderful Friday!  T.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

More Fashion Whimsy...

The rumors are true...I do like to get whimsical with my wardrobe from time to time (check out a past post here).  It’s one of the many ways I express myself creatively—while also exercising my authenticity muscles a bit further...

Please allow me to digress for a moment... Last week, Mark and I ventured out one evening to see the latest 007 film.  One of the actresses in the movie was wearing a dress with a belt cinched at the waistline—no big thing—I do that all the time.  What I had never thought to do, however, was to wear it like she did (with the buckle in the back versus front of the dress). 

I loved the look, and sported the “backward belt look” yesterday at work.  It’s a super-fun and chic way to accessorize. (The belt I sported had a patent leather buckle. A gold or silver tone buckle would have provided added effect.)

 Please share your fashion whimsy fun here.  Would relish gleaning further inspirations! 

Joy, peace and happy “little Friday.”  T.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Where Does Inspiration Roam?

This used paper bag inspired the art journal collage below!

Where does creative inspiration roam? I believe that inspiration runs rampantly wherever it’s allowed to...

For me, creative inspiration is found in:
  • the happened-upon quote—that speaks to my soul;
  • the used paper bag with an interesting word or slogan on it;
  • the oversized belt I decided to wear backwards with a dress;
  • the recycled ribbon and “fancy” paperclip improvised into a bookmark;
  • displaying pieces of nature (rocks, pine cones, etc.) in my home;
  • arranging family photographs;
  • mixing patterns;
  • decorating my home for the holiday season;
  • selecting the day’s outfit;
  • organizing my craft basket;
  • conversations with friends;
  • doing something differently;
  • ways to overcome a “bad” hair day;
  • a trip to the thrift store;
  • reading;
  • my journal;
  • quiet time;
  • pretty much anything!
Reclaiming my creative nature, in the past few years, has been the greatest gift I could ever have given myself.  Added insights about this are found in this past post and a recent podcast episode. For further musings on inspiration, check out this past post

What inspires you to create?  Would love to hear your thoughts on this! 

Joy and peace.  T.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dense About Discouragement...

I came across the following quote, yesterday, and instantly fell in love with its playful--yet powerfully sage--message:

“I’m dense when it comes to discouragement.”  --Lynn Abbey

Imagine what every one of us could do if, we decided not to grasp the concept of discouragement every time it presented itself. 

Where discouragement is concerned, I’ve decided not only to adopt an attitude of density, but to also take it a bit further... Counter it with the act as if strategy

Sounds totally decadent and a bit rebellious as well, huh? Yeah, that’s what I was going for (smile).

Have a fabulous Tuesday, All!  Joy and peace, T.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanks to Yoga, Life's More Balanced

A recent art journal collage celebrates yoga's place in my life

It's Monday; marking my first day back in the office since Tuesday of last week.  These past five days have resulted in nothing short of sheer bliss--reading, relaxing, creating art, writing and (most sacred of all) spending quality time with loved ones.  I am thankful for every bit of it...

Several sizable projects await me, this morning, at work.  Another way to look at it is yoga class does, too.  Yes! Tonight, I am attending yoga class... And, I truly cannot wait.

Last Monday's nighttime meeting and Thursday's holiday meant no yoga classes for moi.  I did get some yoga on at home, though (smile)--which is something I'm striving to do (to some extent) daily.

Living life well is a series of ensuring balance is kept throughout the many areas I inhabit .  Interesting enough, it is the daily inclusion of yoga that contributes to my balance (not only in body--but in mind and spirit, too).

What balance will you bring to your day?  How can you ensure today's weighty responsibilities are somewhat more leveled?  Mine will include the use of yoga to better ensure it evens out a bit.

Joy, peace and Happy Monday!  T.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Gift of Adversity

A recent art journal collage celebrates the gift of adversity...

Adversity.  It's a fact we all encounter it (at least, from time-to-time).  

I'm currently enjoying a second read of SARK's Prosperity Pie (I read it the for the first time maybe five years ago.).  While savoring a read a few days ago, I came across the following words of wisdom.  They deeply resonated with me, and, naturally, I figured others might find them inspiring as well:

"Whatever has happened to us has contributed to us." --SARK

What adverse situation can you use as a personal contribution to enrich your base of wisdom, courage, self-empowerment or other positive attribute?  With age, I am learning that with every difficult situation, there's a valuable lesson to be learned--along with opportunities to brightly shine amidst the "clouds."  

Joy and peace!  T.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Tickled Pink Woman Podcast: Episode #4

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Tickled Pink Woman Podcast Show Notes:
Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hello and welcome to Episode 4 of the Tickled Pink Woman podcast, a celebration of all things Zen, elegant and feminine.  The focus of today’s podcast: Simple ways to self-nurture.

The holiday season is already upon us… The use of simple self-care techniques can be used to make this the brightest holiday season yet!

Interchangeable terms used throughout this podcast: self-care, pampering, nurturing, self-love…

Author Stephanie Tourles’ definition of self care… (from her book 50 Simple Ways to Pamper Yourself

My definition of self-care (from a recent past guest blog post)…

Yes, I sometimes splurge on nurturing myself:
·      Pedicures
·      Manicures
·      Massages
·      Facials

My “go to” self-nurturing rituals, however, generally cost little or nothing and are relatively easy to implement:
·      Multivitamins;
·      Drinking plenty of water;
·      Honoring my Wise Self;
·      Using body and hand lotion;
·      Getting “physical;”
·      Resting, relaxing.
·      Dedicated solo time;
·      Claiming my creative gifts;
·      Feeding my mind;
·      Pursuing my dreams;
·      Stillness;
·      Reflection;
·      Affirmations;
·      Making healthy choices with food;
·      Being able to adapt (see how I recently adapted to care for myself);
·      Spiritual practices.

My tips for incorporating strategies around self-care:
·      Self-care starts from within…
·      Make your self-care routine easy to implement…

Pinking Shears: Ways to take today’s concepts away and tailor them for your needs! 

Activity #1: Identify your minimum requirements for self-care (a concept learned from author Jennifer Louden).  Mine are set forth in this past blog post.

Activity #2: List your favorite ways to nurture yourself.

Activity #3: Commit to consciously schedule no less than one self-care measure into your day for the next seven days.  Each day, schedule time to write about the experience.

Rosy Resources:

50 Simple Ways to Pamper Yourself by Stephanie Tourles

My self-care interview (published on fabulous Terry Cohoe’s blog, These Peas Taste Funny)

My past blog post about establishing minimum requirements for self-care (contains links to Jennifer Louden’s blog and free MP3 download)

Tickled Pink Woman Promo: If you enjoyed today’s podcast, I hope you will check out my blog it’s a great source for added inspiration and it is where today’s show notes will be housed:  Connect with me on Twitter (@TickledPinkTina) and Like Tickled Pink Woman on Facebook.  Check out my book, Eternal Presents: Accepting and Using the Precious, Intangible Gifts Others Give Us on Amazon and Etsy!

Thank you for joining me on today’s episode of the Tickled Pink Woman podcast. Hope you’ll join me this week on the blog! Joy & peace!

Act. As. If.

Yet another lesson learned from my beloved pet: Act. As. If.

Late last week, I attended a work-related training.  While there, I answered the most in-class questions correctly within my assigned work group (smile).  This translated into me being invited (by the instructor) to select a small gift item for myself.  What I chose was a package containing two decorative cardinal birds.  You see, I had every intention of crafting a new holiday wreath using these little pretties.

Later, however, back at home...  Sweet diva pet, Tabitha, had a different idea...

Pulling the cardinals from my tote (to show Mark), I caught a glimpse of Ms. Tabitha from across the room--ears perked, huntress pose in place, stalking stealthily toward me.

Yes, you guessed correctly.  I gave her one of the little faux birds to play with.  And...she has literally enjoyed hour upon hour of dedicated "attack" time as a result.

No, the bird isn't real.  And, Tabitha has never been outdoors a day in her life (or so I'm guessing--we adopted her from the shelter when she was merely a kitten). Meaning that, until this recent "bird episode," the term "master huntress" would not have been included in my description of her.

None of these facts have mattered to her, though.  Since the arrival of her new "prey" she has totally acted as if--and, quite convincingly.  As a result of her actions, she's earned my realization that she is (or, rather, could be) a huntress extraordinaire.

In a similar vein, I've heard that there's no scientific reason to explain why a bumblebee can fly. Aerodynamically, it defies established logic.  Nevertheless, bumblebees do fly. In essence, just like my dear tabby cat, bumblebees act as if.  My thought is this: if acting as if works in nature, it's something I should naturally be able to implement, myself--in any given situation.

I absolutely adore the idea of acting as if!  Gone are the perceived limitations, when acting as if.  There are no worries whether or not others think you can achieve your dreams. Fear is not a factor.

Join me in establishing an attitude of "act as if."  I am certain we all could end up as empowered as "fierce huntress" Tabitha and flying high, just like the bumblebees!

Joy and peace.  T.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Final Considerations: 2013 Mantra

My 2013 mantra finalists (to date) sketched into my art journal...

Those who read the blog on a regular basis know I've been in search of a personally meaningful guiding mantra for 2013 (For added details, click here.).  My 2012 mantra (No regrets) is discussed in this past post.

Listed below, are my "final" considerations, to date. I originally gave myself a personal goal of identifying a guiding mantra by November 30.  I'm reserving the right (smile) to extend that date (if needed) to mid-December.

In the hope that some of these potential mantras might be of use to others (in identifying their own 2013 mantra), here are the finalists, so far:
  • Best foot forward;
  • Personal best;
  • Mindfully graceful;
  • Focus. Stretch. Balance;
  • Action is eloquence;
  • Act as if;
  • Savor the journey.
Will announce my selected 2013 sometime prior to the close of 2013.  Would adore hearing any mantras you are considering for 2013 as well (added inspiration is always welcome!).

Joy and peace!  T.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Day Thanks...

Yes, first and foremost; I am thankful for my family, the wonderful loves of my life.  My son Patrick (who is now a graduate student) made the sweet little place card pictured above when he was in kindergarten.  Every November, I pull it out and display it prominently.  Year after year, it so accurately portrays what's in my heart (on Thanksgiving and every other day throughout the year).

This year, there's another thing I'm intensely thankful for... I am thankful for those who read my blog, listen to my podcasts, have joined me on the Tickled Pink Woman Facebook page, provide me with ongoing support and meaningful words of kindness via comments (both here and on Facebook) and heartfelt emails.  These things fuel my creative spirit, warm my heart and feed my soul.  Thank you.  Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!! You, have made me feel so very, very thankful...

Happy Thanksgiving, All!  Joy and peace.  T.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Muse: Intensive Self-care

Monday’s 7 p.m. meeting resulted in me returning home at a bit past 10 p.m. that night.  What culminated from this unforeseen work-related event (sometimes, stuff just happens) were the little steps I took all throughout the day, on Tuesday, to nurture and care for myself in both meaningful and mindful ways.

My morning: I began the day off right, affirming as I dressed.  Filled with yummy apple cider tea, I took my favorite travel mug along with me to work.  Mid-morning, I gifted myself a dedicated 5-minute break, treating myself to a hand massage; using the delicious, organic lotion featured in the photo above.  I’d been saving that yummy packet of bliss for several months—already knowing there’d be the perfect time for an indulgence such as this.

Lunch: I took my myself out to a sacred solo lunch where I savored a delectable chocolate-banana soy smoothie off-site before heading back into the office for a 1:30 p.m. meeting.  This precious time alone allowed me to “refill my well,” prior to putting my “game face” back on.

Tuesday evening: Sometimes the fates just work out in our favor, huh?  I had booked a massage for Tuesday evening—several weeks ago.  No surprise--it was exactly what I needed to further relax, work out the kinks and de-stress on an even deeper level.  Afterwards, I engaged in a few chill yoga poses at home (so fab!).

Today: It’s pretty simple... I’m celebrating the fact that I have the next five days off from the 9 to 5.  I’m guessing it’s already clear what that means, right?  Yes, this equates to added rest, relaxation and, decidedly, my continued practice of more self-nurturing!

Joy and peace this awesome Wednesday morning!  T.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thankful For...

Last year, I discovered this great app entitled "Thankfulfor."  It's akin to having an online gratitude journal-- on my iPhone.  It allows me to type in what I'm thankful for, and date stamps each entry--wherever I am.

In anticipation of the approaching turkey day holiday (make that tofurkey day for me!), here's a sampling of a few past entries I have made using this app:

November 19, 2011:

Self Magazine, my new "Parisian chic" dress, a lazy Saturday

November 22, 2011:

Thrift store leopard print belt, Good Reads app, a beautiful tabby cat, a "Thursday" on a Monday

November 23, 2011:

Family time on the horizon, hummus, mixed nuts, a holiday playlist, a run outdoors in the sunshine, candles

November 29, 2011:

Courage under fire, deep breathing, a morning meditation practice to die for, lavender tea

December 14, 2011:

An uneventful meeting, getting back in the "saddle," herbal tea, Etsy, the best family possible, choices, being a manager

February 5, 2012:

An insightful read, a mini artist's date, two quality thrift store finds, my journal, a breakfast date, healthy snacks, 30 minutes o' exercise, my heating pad

February 6, 2012:

My voice, the ability to give back, being a Go Red for Women advocate, a sunny day, new boots, a good hair day, my iPhone, my exercise bike, latest read, being gentle with myself, my BFF & love

February 10, 2012: 

The weekend, my wishes for the weekend, friends, planfulness, courage to push past the fear, snow, a lunchtime java, a morning sojourn, my leopard print scarf, great playlists on my iPad

February 11, 2012: 

Reading in bed, author Sue Thoele's books, a journal inspiration, breakfast downtown, creative flair via my wardrobe, my art journal, a tea break

February 14, 2012:

My vintage wrap dress, red roses, goals, books, tonight's dinner date, yoga, snow-covered trees, art

February 19, 2012:

Tomorrow's moi day, my home library, sparkling H2O, free e-books, a massage, yoga class, goals achieved=self-empowerment, this app, great podcasts to listen to, grace

February 20, 2012:

A home retreat, accomplishments, meditation, visions of spring, yoga class tonight

February 22, 2012:

A roll of quarters, lavender tights, a lunchtime date with myself, me time, giving myself meeting night off, blog development, breakthroughs, family, tonight's teleclass, rose petals in last night's bath, vintage everything

I love this app!  Going back and reading past entries is like glimpsing back in time--and doing so in a very thankful manner.

Joy and peace!  T.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Blooming Despite the Climate

Pink roses in full bloom in November (in northwest Ohio!)

Saturday evening, Mark and I enjoyed dinner out at an uber-cool pub located on the local college campus (I must admit I have a total obsession with their black bean burgers with California-style dressings (fresh avocado included)!).  Afterwards, we decided to walk over to the planetarium to see if we could pick up a schedule of upcoming events being offered there.  

As we stepped outside of the Student Union, I let out a squeal of delight.  Although it was dark, I enjoyed seeing an expansive rose garden (all pink) in nearly full bloom.  Mind you, we've had frost and cooler temps pretty consistently since early October--up here.  Nevertheless, there they were--shrub upon shrub containing awesome blooming pink roses--nearly running the length of the building.

What this sight served to do was to, metaphorically, was remind me that despite whatever proverbial climate I may encounter from time-to-time (e.g. adversity, toxic folks (a.k.a. mean people), challenges, etc.), I (like these lovely roses) can still bloom (meaning: grow, prosper, let my beauty blossom forth, shine my brightest, etc.).  

Sitting down with art journal, in hand, Saturday night, I came up with a few ways to ensure my bloom endures, no matter what climate I may encounter.  Here are a few of my ideas for doing so:
  • carry the proverbial big umbrella (in case someone tries to rain on my parade);
  • be my own she-ro;
  • welcome life's challenges;
  • embrace Don Miguel Ruiz's The Four Agreements;
  • laugh at any problems I may encounter;
  • push forward despite any setbacks encountered;
  • as in holding a yoga pose, savor the "burn"when experiencing challenges;
  • despite the barriers, cross the finish line;
  • every day, shine brightly;
  • show up for myself;
  • in every instance, choose love over fear;
  • in trying times, look for the lessons;
  • give gratitude frequently;
  • find each cloud's silver lining;
  • fill life's "gaps" with self-nurturing;
  • seek spiritual support (for me it's often yoga, deep breathing, stillness);
  • avidly pursue my dreams;
  • establish daily intentions;
  • hone my gifts; and
  • affirm!
Despite the cold and gray (and other "climate" issues you may encounter), let yourself continue to bloom!  Joy and peace to you.  T.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tickled Pink Woman Podcast: Episode #3

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Tickled Pink Woman Podcast Show Notes:
Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hello and welcome to Episode 3 of the Tickled Pink Woman podcast, a celebration of all things Zen, elegant and feminine.  The focus of today’s podcast: Giving yourself permission to quit...

My muse on what I recently gave myself permission to quit doing…

Recent things I came across that pointed me in the right direction:

Reading Leonie Dawson’s blog post dated 10/12/12 entitled “You Have Permission (Right NOW!) and listening to her accompanying MP3 (excerpts read from that awesome blog post!)

Re-discovering Oprah’s June 2001 What I Know for Sure column (from Oprah’s book, The Best of Oprah’s What I Know for Sure) (excerpts read from this column (p. 26)

My reading of Danielle LaPorte’s The Fire Starter Sessions: A Soulful + Practical Guide to Creating Success on Your Own Terms (excerpts read from pp. 171-172)

My observations regarding my recent “quit:”
·      Life is comprised of a series of messages. Listening to them has its benefits.
·      The Wise Self knows best…
·      There’s always a lesson to be learned.

Pinking Shears: Ways to take today’s concepts away and tailor them for your needs! 

Activity #1:  What can you write yourself a permission slip for?  You may wish to make this a journaling or art journaling activity. 

Activity #2: This activity comes from page 173 of Danielle LaPorte’s The Fire Starter Sessions: A Soulful + Practical Guide to Creating Success on Your Own Terms: The Stop-Doing List—What will you stop doing? Effective Immediately?

Activity #3:  Reflect upon a time you gave yourself permission to do or not do something and how that worked for you.

Rosy Resources: For those who want to explore today’s topic a bit further, check out these added sources of information:

Leonie Dawson’s blog post dated 10/12/12 entitled “You Have Permission (Right NOW!) and her accompanying MP3 

Oprah’s June 2001 What I Know for Sure column (from Oprah’s book, The Best of Oprah’s What I Know for Sure

Tickled Pink Woman Promo: If you enjoyed today’s podcast, I hope you will check out my blog it’s a great source for added inspiration and it is where today’s show notes will be housed:  Connect with me on Twitter (@TickledPinkTina) and Like Tickled Pink Woman on Facebook.  Check out my book, Eternal Presents: Accepting and Using the Precious, Intangible Gifts Others Give Us on Amazon and Etsy!

Thank you for joining me on today’s episode of the Tickled Pink Woman podcast. Hope you’ll join me this week on the blog! Joy & peace!


Saturday morning's personal adaption meant yummy bookstore browsing!

A standing breakfast date, downtown, with Mark, is usually how an ideal Saturday begins.  In fact, it's often one of my favorite points in the week.  

This past Saturday's agenda held a host of biz-related "to do's" on it.  What I initially envisioned was me--eagerly tackling + checking each task off my list (big smile planted firmly on my face)--post my beloved breakfast date.  Didn't quite happen the way I'd envisioned, though...

You see, I (somewhat last minute) learned that Mark had a ten o'clock optometry appointment, which would make it necessary for me to remain downtown, for an hour or so, following Saturday morning's breakfast date. Generally, this would not be a problem...  

Yesterday, however, my initial thoughts raced to how many less things I might be able to accomplish on my "all I want this weekend" list.  From there, they quickly shifted to, "Oh no, the holiday parade is taking place, today! Come ten o'clock, downtown will be an utter madhouse!"  Crowds, noise galore, dodging people left and right to navigate the sidewalks--none of it seemed appealing (in any way, shape or form) to me...

What I'm proud (and happy) to note is my thoughts thereafter (almost instantly, actually) were, "Okay... How can I make this work?"  I told Mark to go on ahead to his appointment; that I would mosey over to the sweet little coffee shop/used bookstore across the way (where I often love to browse, sip tea and drink java...).

Turned out to be a delicious Saturday morning after all--browsing books, sipping green tea, a spot of conversation with interesting fellow patrons and peeking out the window (from time to time) to catch a glimpse of a parade float or marching band.  Found a couple of great used books a nice home, too (wink).  And...I spent the rest of my afternoon quite productively despite my leisurely morning...

Adaptation!  What can I say that I haven't already (smile!)?  

Joy and peace this glorious day!  T.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

It’s Eloquent + Mine to Define

William Shakespeare once said, “Action is Eloquence.”  Truly, I love that!

How I define “action” varies from instance to instance.  Yes, it might mean I’m pursuing a dream: writing the intro to a section of my new book, editing the sample chapter I’ve already written, recording a future podcast episode, sketching out a business plan... 

It could also take the form of me acting on my Wise Self’s insistence that I rest or observe total stillness.  Typically, these measures would not define what action means to me.  Yet, these things do require me to act as well—and every bit as eloquently. 

However you choose to act today, claim your eloquence.   Joy and peace this lovely Saturday!  T.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Taking A Few Deep Breaths This Friday A.M....

A scene from this week's lunchtime date with myself 

Oh my!  What a week!

Mind you, I’m not complaining.  I’m just taking a few deep breaths and a lengthy sigh of relief that Friday has arrived (smile). 

Funny thing; this was only a four-day work week.  I had Monday off, and truly didn’t do too much of anything that day.  In fact, I stayed in a majority of it.  I did enjoy watching a few of the season’s first snowflakes drift down outside my window as I wrote.  Read.  Stopped reading (more about this on Episode #3 of the Tickled Pink Woman podcast (scheduled to air early next week)).  Plus, ventured out for an evening yoga class (a totally relaxing close to an overall chill day). 

The rest of the week is pretty much a blur...  To sum it up best: my week was comprised of lots of deadlines, tough projects, an evening meeting, and scads of rushing from place to place. That’s okay, though.  I successfully crossed the finish line (so to speak). 

Was able to thoughtfully sprinkle a few nurturing touches--along the way this past week: a vegan lunch out one day, a yoga routine at home one evening, some candle lighting, a couple of hot soaks in the bathtub, scads of stretching along the way, journal writing before bedtime a few nights...  I’m pretty much convinced these little goodies are what enabled me to fuel forward—and, do so far more comfortably than I would have otherwise. 

Not thinking too much about what's on my weekend agenda right now.  Just giving thanks for today’s lighter schedule, date night this evening, and the chance to relax by the fireplace (post din din) tonight. 

Joy, peace and happy Friday to you!  T.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Today, Treat Yourself...

Today (and every day), treat yourself as you would your own child, beloved soul mate or dearest friend. Listed below are some of my favorite ways to do so:
Whatever you choose to do, treat yourself well, lovingly and thoughtfully!  Joy and peace.  T.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sure You Can!

It's taken me a number of years, but I have come to realize it's my life, and that I am in charge of it. As long as it's legal, responsible, respectful of myself and others, and my actions are not harming anyone, I can pretty much call my own shots (Yum!).  

Join me, won't you, please? Once you arrive at this decision, you can do lots of neat stuff.  You can:

Proudly sport white jeans after Labor Day/before Memorial Day.

Color with crayons (and do so outside the lines, too!).

Boldly pursue your dreams (big and small)...

Publicly profess your love of a tree!

Openly discuss your gal pal lunches taken with your pet tabby cat (smile). 

Don whatever hat you wish.

Use your voice to speak your truth.

(Yes, you may fill in the blank above with your heart’s desire! You sure can!).

Joy and peace!  T.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Today, I Embrace...

The day back after a holiday generally seems to throw out a few unexpected twists and turns.  Nevertheless, I've decided that, along with the unsavory, there's always the potential for yumminess.

Today, I embrace:
  • challenges--and my ability to navigate them;
  • cooler weather--and my understanding I can glean warmth from within;
  • change--and my realization that I can adapt;
  • adversity--and my chance to overcome it;
  • things that don't go off as planned--and my knack for going with the flow as needed;
  • loss--and my value for giving gratitude for what I have;
  • difficult people--and my knowledge that their actions are reflections of them, not me;
  • mistakes--and my ability to learn from life's less-than-pleasant outcomes;
  • the mundane--and my dedication to finding simple joys in the blandest of moments; and
  • whatever life hands me--as I know I can use it to grow, learn, and celebrate my efforts.
Joy, peace and hugs! T.

Monday, November 12, 2012

All I Wanted This Weekend...

Why is it the weekend never seems long enough? 

Despite the weekend's ability to slip away far too quickly, I have devised a "system" that better enables me to tackle priority "to do's."  I call it my "All I want this weekend" list.

I have a sweet little notebook that I picked up at the dollar store (it's pictured above).  I use it solely for recording my weekend wish lists.  I keep it in my purse, which enables me to jot down my agenda items as I think of them--all throughout the week.

Here's what was on my "All I want this weekend" list for this past weekend:
Sure, there was a whole lot more that went on this past weekend: for example, enjoying my standing breakfast date, downtown, with Mark on Saturday morning, dinner out Friday evening and a Saturday evening jaunt to a local bookstore to browse a bit.  These things, however, are the sorts of things I'm going to make time  to do, generally, or they just happen--somewhat organically.

It's the stuff that I am likely to lay aside (thinking I'll get to it later) or overlook (in the wake of too many diversions) that I want to include on my "All I want this weekend" list.  Sometimes, I'll include self-care items (like a mani or pedi)--if I'm overdue them or if I worry I'll put them off in lieu of addressing other things).  My list is somewhat fluid--I mold it according to what my current needs are.

There were two items on my list I didn't get to this weekend (the reading and the biz e-course).  That's okay.  I have the day off from the 9 to 5 today.  Besides this evening's yoga class, guess what I'll be up to today?!? Given the fact that chilled temps and rain are forecasted, I may be enjoying these tasks from my comfy, cozy bed (smile).

Joy and peace!  T.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tickled Pink Woman Podcast: Episode 2

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Tickled Pink Woman Podcast Show Notes:
Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hello and welcome to Episode 2 of the Tickled Pink Woman podcast, a celebration of all things Zen, elegant and feminine.  The focus of today’s podcast: Making your creative mark.

The impetus for today’s podcast came from my own personal observations following a recent trip to Bloomington, Indiana:
·      Realized I was truly seeing things I hadn’t actually seen before (access the blog post inspired by what I saw here) …
·      Couldn’t wait to begin and end my day with writing…
·      Focused on the beauty in everything…
·      Made efforts to live my life as art…

From my recent guest blog post on author Gail McMeekin’s  Creative Success blog.

Creativity is a precious gift. Likewise, the time you spend creating art is sacred space, deservedly worthy of certain rituals and considerations.  The following are five measures designed to evoke an innovative frame of mind, celebrate your artistic pursuits and designate creative time as sacrosanct.
1.             Environment. Your art is hallowed. The space you chose to create in should be as well. You will perform best from locations that have special meaning or induce the warmest of feelings within you. Consider making your art from venues such as a favorite neighborhood cafe, your own flower garden, or atop a breathtaking hill. If you have a studio or create from home, make your workspaces reflective of what inspires you. Incorporate cherished art into your creativity areas. Have comfort items (e.g. soft throws, plush pillows, luscious essential oils, etc.) close at hand. Display photos of loved ones.
2.             Intention/Dedication. Carve out time, beforehand, to establish an intention for your artistic efforts; for example, to grow, shine, or learn. Another option is to dedicate your endeavor to someone else—the friend who recently suffered a loss, your mother celebrating her birthday several states away… Revisit your intention or dedication as you bring your creative time to a close.
3.             Hydrate. Ensure your thirst is satiated. Sometimes, a glass of water with lemon will do the job. At others, a hot cup of herbal tea hits the spot. A steaming cup of java can certainly be as welcome as a visit from a dear friend. Ensure your favorite libations are close at hand. Doing so keeps the creative juices flowing.
4.             Ritual. Light a candle. Say a prayer. Close your eyes and meditate. Clasp a rose quartz crystal in the palm of your hand and visualize. Encompass at least one simple act, that speaks to your spirit, into every artistic endeavor.
5.             Music. It sways your body, and sings to your soul. Like your creative undertakings, it is art. Play tunes that best inspire you while you create. Know when to adjust the volume up or down. Equally important, honor your Wise Self’s whisperings of when to create without music as well.
Pinking Shears: Ways to take today’s concepts away and tailor them for your needs! 

“Just for one day:
·      Hide all the clocks in your house;
·      Compliment yourself constantly.
·      Tape a piece of paper over the tv screen and write ideas for brand new shows on it;
·      Visit every tree near you and spend time memorizing the branches;
·      Spend $20 on magazines and read them all at once.”

Activity #2: This activity is taken from Gail McMeekin’s The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women Journal (p. 20).  McMeekin notes, “An essential part of the creative process is focus.  You must ease up on your busyness and put a filter on all the external stimuli (information and media overload, etc.) coming into your sphere so that you can receive your creative impulses. How can you best set up those filters?” List five or ten concrete things you will do to filter out excess noise.

As an example here are seven I came up with:

1)   When a creative thought occurs, STOP what I am doing and record it, explore it further; rather than going about my “busyness.”
2)   Replace my inner critic with nurturing affirmations;
3)   Choose activities and situations that stimulate my creativity versus drain in (yoga, being with inspiring people, candle lighting, meditation, ensuring my work/play portions of my life are balanced);
4)   When I am unfocused, use my breath or meditation to gain focus;
5)   Do one project at a time rather than overwhelm myself with too many;
6)   Before I engage in a mindless activity (e.g. watching tv), truly access it it’s my best use of time;
7)   Journal. Journal. Journal. It brings me clarity and focus.

Activity #3:  Embark on a creative endeavor utilizing the 5 measures outlined by me earlier in this podcast.  Have fun!!!

Rosy Resources: For those who want to explore today’s topic a bit further, check out these added sources of information:

Gail McMeekin’s Creative Success blog.

My recent guest blog post on Gail McMeekin’s Creative Success blog entitled Making Your Creative Mark; Markedly So

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Thank you for joining me on today’s episode of the Tickled Pink Woman podcast. Hope you’ll join me this week on the blog! Joy & peace!