Monday, July 23, 2012

An Artist's Date: Body and Soul

Crafted Tickled Pink Woman book thoughts from a local coffee house!

Saturday afternoon, I eagerly packed up my laptop, various ideas I had previously jotted down on a legal pad, along with a small notebook where my on-the-go creative inspirations also get recorded from time-to-time.  My sole agenda was to begin formatting many pieces and parts into one document, in anticipation of crystalizing a concept for my second book, Tickled Pink Woman.  

A quick drive downtown brought me to a sweet local coffee house where I oftentimes head to browse for (and buy) books, sip tea and grab a java to-go.  I've written my journal from this fab spot on several occasions, but writing (beyond that) from this quaint little haven hasn't happened until now. Writing is truly a personal passion.  So, with iced java at hand, this girl luxuriated for a sacred couple of hours--doing nothing, but writing.

Right now, my second book is merely a jumble of random thoughts all poured into a Word document.  Nevertheless, I hold onto the treasured hope of what is to come.  And...for me, right, now, that is okay.  

My monthly artist's dates... These are truly amongst this woman's most treasured self-care measures.  For July's date, the majority of my sacred time was spent pursuing a dream, exercising my creativity and nurturing myself in a way that was personally empowering.  This is my idea of a soul massage extraordinaire.

Speaking of massages... After writing, I headed to an appointment I truly could not wait to keep--for a much-needed massage.  This month's artist's date was, indeed, splendid--for both body and soul.

Joy and peace, T.