Saturday, July 14, 2012

At Second Glance, "Rising Above It All" Fits Best

Enjoyed a walk in a local park one evening this week!

It has been my first week back from a super-great vacation.  At first glance, if I had to place a theme on this past week, it might be “Reality Bites.”  Where to begin? Seasonal allergies, hoards of to do’s with too few hours in each day, ongoing 9 to 5 stuff, crabbiness (my own)… 

Yet, in retrospect, the week’s joys far outweigh the difficulties; when I step back and truly assess it all.  What really stands out at the close of this, well…, trying week are the times I countered life’s less-than-luxurious challenges with moments of mindful self-nurturing:
  • Rested when I felt headachy and tired;
  • Despite many, many to do’s, carved out time to attend a Toastmasters meeting (where I ended up snagging the “Best Table Topics” award);
  • Tapped into the power of my own breathing when encountering assorted 9 to 5 issues; and
  • Rather than dwell upon being (at times) less-than-graceful, gave myself needed space to enjoy time spent in nature and reflect (a.k.a. scads of journal writing in the evening).
At second glance, I think “Rising Above It All” is a far better theme for the week that is now drawing to a close. It is honestly more reflective of and positive than the first one I chose.  And, that's where I now want to be; in a state of healthier perspective and brighter choices. Smile.

Wishing you the best of weekends, T.