Friday, July 6, 2012

On Feeling Personally Pampered

Chocolate + relaxation + nature = pampered!

Late last week (before embarking on a much-needed vacation), I parked my car and took a quick hike into the local college campus (read of my previous adventures from this lovely site herehere and here) to grab a lunchtime smoothie.  The path I walked was tree-lined, shaded and oh-so-scenic.  I savored every step to and fro’.   The cafĂ© table I dined from (or rather, sipped from) overlooked a welcoming vista of trees and planters over-spilling with floral arrangements.  When I arrived back in the office, I felt both refreshed and pampered.  Quite simply, I adore feeling this way!

How can you pamper yourself, today?  Whatever it is, I highly recommend you do it! T.