Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Feeding the Mind, Classically

My reading preferences have been locked into the “read to feed the mind” zone for some time now.  It's a journey that began immediately following my attendance at a leadership retreat in San Francisco about 12 years ago.  Prior to that, I had enjoyed a long run of reading the classics; especially works written by the Bronte sisters, Nathanial Hawthorne and James Joyce. 

This longstanding, self-proclaimed, personal-development junkie hasn’t read a classic work of literature in some time, though.  As a result, during the month of July, I hope to savor three classic, non-fiction reads: 
Two of the three reads (A Room of One’s Own and A Gift from the Sea) were written by women authors and for a feminine audience.  To some extent, both deal with the importance of women having dedicated time for solitude.  Sounds yummy, yes?

Dale Carnegie’s The Art of Public Speaking ties to my current endeavor to become a more accomplished public speaker—practical; yet, it relates to a personal dream of mine. There’s a definite deliciousness to that as well! 

What’s the last classic you read?  Any classic non-fiction? Would enjoy hearing about it!  T.