Friday, July 27, 2012

On Living Luxuriously...

My art journal is one of life's sacred luxuries!

Living lux…  To me, it’s a frame of mind--living extravagantly in a simple, low- (often no-) cost manner. Let me see if I can clarify this a bit…

Luxury=this $4 bouquet I treated myself to during lunch break the other day.  These little sweets brightened my 9 to 5 office up, while simultaneously serving as a fabulous conversation piece (Three different people stopped me on my way out of the store (and one as I headed back into work) to comment on the lovely shade of pink in the bouquet I was carrying!).

A couple of evenings ago, I tweeted, “Writing my journal from the patio at sunset.  A flock of geese just flew past. This is joy.”  Decidedly, it was scrumptiously luxurious, too!

Last Saturday afternoon, while enjoying my treasured artist’s date, I practiced the principle of dressing for the job I want versus the one I currently have.  That’s right.  This femme wore a chic, black ensemble and scads of faux pearls to the local, small-town coffee house to write.  Nope, I’m not a jet-setting, best-selling author…yet.  Nevertheless, I decided to dress the part anyway--which I truly adored (smile). 

 How do you infuse luxury into your life?  Would love hearing about it!  T.