Monday, July 30, 2012

Naturally Blissful

Today, I write. Today, I create.  Today, I sparkle.  Today, I shine.

Blissfulness... Amazing what brings it about, isn't it?  This past weekend, I found an amazing source of bliss in writing and creating; outdoors, from my patio.  

Saturday evening, just before the sun began to set, I poured myself a glass of vino and lit a couple of candles.  A plethora of magazine and other assorted images before me, the joy of crafting art journal collages ensued. Later, as the sun was going down, I wrote my August dreams upon them.  Comfortably, I embraced the overwhelming feelings of sparkle and shine that descended upon me.  

Sunday morning, I savored breakfast on the patio with Mark.  Sunny and mild with a soft breeze skipping about, I couldn't help but to linger there for some time afterwards.  A mug of lavender tea at hand and Pandora tunes playing softly (the Catherine Russell station rocks!), I settled in for a spot of morning journal writing.  Afterwards, with a second mug of tea in hand (green peach, this time), I created another collage in my beloved art journal; where I thereafter wrote several possible titles for my upcoming second book.  My efforts made me smile.

Not sure if it was the act of creating blessed art, engaging in treasured writing forays or simply spending sacred time outdoors that brought such strong feelings of bliss about.  Perhaps, it was the combination of all three.  Nevertheless, I'm deeming this to be a place I'd like to inhabit on a more permanent basis.

Wishing you a naturally blissful week, T.