Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Joy of Simple Joys

Time spent in my flower garden=one of this week's many simple joys!

Sometimes, the simplest of joys are the most memorable.  Don’t you agree?  This week, my simple joys have included:
  • A delicious gourmet dinner, prepared by Mark (Yay!)
  • Lunchtime sojourn to a local dollar store to buy art journaling goodies
  • A relaxing facial after work…ahhh!
  • Honoring my need for alone time
  • Patio time...complete with my journal and a flock of geese flying overhead
  • Connecting with new friends at a Toastmasters Club meeting
  • Conducting a worthwhile volunteer art journaling workshop for local girls (Girl Power Tween Camp)
  • A lunchtime berry smoothie enjoyed outdoors at a café table
  • Yoga class (including a newly-discovered pose: dolphin!)
  • Candlelight, candlelight and more candlelight…
  • Tea time while working (smile)
  • A Sunday afternoon nap on the sofa with Tabitha (diva pet tabby cat)
Wishing you scads of simple joys!  Have a wonderful weekend, T.