Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Year-End Reflections...

Each year at this time,  I pause; taking time to reflect on some of my favorite moments, triumphs and valuable lessons learned over the past 12 months.  I use both my journal and art journal to accomplish this most worthy endeavor.  Truly, it's time well spent--very nurturing...

Sadly, all my holiday visitors have now departed.  The silver lining is that I took needed time, today, to reflect on 2014, and sketch out my envisioned dreams for 2015.

 Hat: Gifted 
Sunnies: Vera Bradley
Jean Jacket: Piace Boutique (Bloomington, IN)
Turtleneck: L.L. Bean
Jeans: Calvin Klein
Booties: GC Shoes (Boutique Purchase)
Satchel: The Leather Satchel Company (Asos)
Scarf: Consigned
Pendant: Vintage Tiffany (Etsy)
Leather Gloves: Vintage (Cactus Flower in Bloomington, IN)

Do you engage in a practice similar to this? Please share your thoughts!

Reflective joy & peace, T.

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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Style: Adding Impact to a Jeans + Tee Combo...

Last evening, Mark and I ventured downtown for dinner at a local pub; post an afternoon of watching college basketball games from home.  Comfortably sporting an older jeans and t-shirt combo, I decided not to change for dinner.  Rather, I chose to add a few key pieces--for impact.

1.  A statement scarf:  A statement scarf can dress up any ensemble! Here, I'm sporting a gorgeous silk stole (worn as a scarf).  Check out my past review of this luxurious accessory here.

2.  A quality handbag: I bought this lovely leather backpack on sale from Anthropologie last summer.  It's not only a quality-made item; this beauty is unique, too!

3. Fab Layering: This could have been accomplished via a whole array of standout clothing pieces: a poncho, blazer, cardigan, kimono... Today, I'm featuring this great Army-style jacket I found at a thrift store in Columbus's Short North while on a weekend getaway this past fall.  The thrift shop is called Out of the Closet.  This spacious shop is brimming with wonderful vintage finds; plus, all proceeds go to AIDS research.  Isn't that awesome?

4.  Impact Lip Color:  In these pics, I'm wearing NARS' Funny Face.  It's a gorgeous shade of fuchsia, and it definitely makes an impact!

 Sunnies: c/o Firmoo
Army Jacket: Express (thrifted)
T-shirt: American Eagle Outfitters
Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters
Booties: GC Shoes (Boutique Purchase)
Leather Backpack: Anthropologie
Silk Stole (worn as scarf): c/o Elaborestore.com
Bracelet: Vintage Tiffany (Etsy)

Share with me your thoughts on adding impact to a basic jeans and tee combo.  You know I'd love hearing them!

Joy & hugs, T.

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Friday, December 26, 2014

My Vow During My Time Off from Work...

I've been on vacation from work since last Friday.  In fact, I'm not headed back into the office until next Friday.  Yes, I'm enjoying a wonderful holiday with my precious family!

Unfortunately, in years gone by, I've found that time off from the "day-to-day" sometimes equates to getting away from established, healthy routines that nurture me in body, mind and spirit.  This year, I've made a pledge to carve out time for my own self care--as I enjoy sacred time with those I cherish. This year, I have vowed to:
  • journal
  • exercise
  • sip green smoothies
  • eat fresh fruit
  • drink plenty of water
  • get my needed rest
  • ensure I get down time (bath soaks, yoga stretches, reading, collaging)

Sunnies: Ray Ban
Scarf: Gifted
Vest: Susan Bristol (vintage)
Top: Zara
Black Jeans: L.L. Bean Signature
Boots: Nine West
Belt: Urban Outfitters
Handbag: Coach
Watch: Hubby's Discard
Silver Spoons Bracelet: Bought at Black Swamp Art Festival

Wishing you a lovely weekend!  Joy and peace, T.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Coat + Scarf as Style Accessories...

In the past few years, I've learned the value of coordinating my outwear with my outfits.  It's not that everything needs to be perfectly matched. However, there is a need to ensure nothing clashes (smile).

A simple outfit such as this (jeans and a chambray shirt) is easy to coordinate with outerwear; most especially because it lacks any sort of pattern. Another reason is that all the clothing and accessory pieces are within a couple of color ranges that already work well together.

This time of year, I adore donning red. Additionally, I love pairing leopard print with red.  This scarf works well with not only the red, but the other pieces I'm sporting.  In a sense, I see my coat and scarf as accessories--every bit as I do my boots, handbag and sunnies (all of which are in black).

When it's cold, I'll sometimes keep my faux fur scarf on indoors, too, (to keep warm!).  That really does make my scarf an outfit accessory, right?

 Coat: L.L. Bean
Scarf: Gifted 
Jeans: Aeropostale
Chambray Shirt: Fossil
Boots: Nine West
Handbag: Milly
Gloves: Coach
Sunnies: Betsey Johnson

Wishing all the happiest of holidays!  I'll return to the blog with a post on Friday.  In between, I'm savoring treasured time with loved ones.

Joy & peace, T.

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

My Thoughts on Accessorizing...

Beforehand, if you haven't checked out my last post (a review featuring this lovely dress), please take a moment to do so as it's laden with other pics and insights not featured in this post.  This elegant dress was such a statement piece, it inspired today's post--dedicated to my thoughts on accessorizing...

Consider your lip color to be an accessory.  I'm wearing Lancome's Red Stiletto lipstick in these pics.  I think it's the perfect way to allow a bit of the statement (made by this dress) touch my face, too!

Think of your fingernails as accessories, too.  Since I wanted the dress to make the statement (versus my nails), I've selected a hue that blends nicely with the other silver-toned accessories I'm sporting.  Here, the polish I'm wearing is Nicole by OPI Gumdrops' A-Nise Treat.

Dress: eShakti
Hosiery: Simply Vera Wang
Clutch: BCBG
Heels: Nine West
Silver ID Bracelet: Hubby's

When a clothing piece you're wearing (such as this lovely dress) is the statement you want to highlight most, let your other accessories blend into the ensemble.  For this look, I selected soft, shimmery pieces that all coordinated together nicely.  Aside from my beloved rings, the only jewelry I sported was hubby's silver ID bracelet. These choices allow the viewer's eye to focus most on the dress!

Always treat your hosiery or tights as an essential accessory!  Sometimes, they will be used to make the statement; at other times, they will help pull together the other accessories you're wearing (as in these photos).  If you missed my recent interview about tights/hosiery, check it out here.

Please share with me your thoughts on accessorizing. Would relish hearing them!

Joy, grace & peace, T.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

What I Wore: Holiday Party (eShakti Dress Review)

Recently, the folks at eShakti asked if I'd like to review an item from their Holiday Collection.  Having reviewed a lovely eShakti dress earlier this year (see that past post here), I eagerly accepted this endeavor.

You see, I was already on the lookout for the perfect dress for Mark's workplace holiday party (a super-swanky affair). My past experience with eShakti was so phenomenally impressive; I had every faith this one would be as well...

Hopefully, from these pics (alone), it's apparent how happy I am with the product itself.  This dress is well-made, of high quality and fits me perfectly (eShakti gathers measurements to ensure a fabulous fit).  I adore the fact that this dress has pockets, and I love the split neck detail in this elegant statement dress!

This dress was such a statement piece, I found myself selecting soft and minimal accessories to accompany it.  In fact, I'm featuring a follow-up blog post (on Thursday) dedicated to accessorizing that was inspired by my donning of this beautiful dress.

 Dress: eShakti (just marked down majorly!)
Hosiery: Simply Vera Wang
Clutch: BCBG
Heels: Nine West
Silver Link ID Bracelet: Hubby's

I'm excited to think how I can style this amazing dress for not only special occasions--but, for the office, too (Envision it paired with a belted cardigan...).  Oh, and... These pics were taken en route to Mark's holiday office party--where I not only had a blast; I also got scads of compliments on my attire (smile).

Share with me your thoughts on how you'd style this fab red dress.  Would love hearing them!

Joy and peace, T.

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

On Wearing What I Like (Ode to Reindeer)

Not so very long ago, reindeer sweaters were total taboo within the realm of fashion...

Despite that fact, I couldn't let go of my lovely, festive sweater! I continued to don this adored piece proudly--each holiday season. When folks referred to "ugly holiday sweater" parties, my beloved reindeer cardigan never would have factored into what I might wear there...

Then, a year or two ago, reindeer-adorned pieces were spotted prancing along the fashion runways...  And, yes, you guessed it; reindeer clothing was once again in vogue.

So, does this mean, I was fashionable before my time (smile). No, it simply means I wear what I like--regardless of whether others do--or if it's "all the rage"...

You see, I think fashion principles (such as this) enable me to build self-assurance into all areas of my life.  For example, if I'm not worried what others think about my wearing of a reindeer sweater (when it was unfashionable to do so); I'm less likely to stress over what anyone else might think about me--period.  That's empowering stuff, yes?

 Cardigan: Woolrich
Top: L.L. Bean
Skirt: Banana Republic (thrifted--with original price tags still on it!)
Sweater Tights: Hue
Booties: Nine West
Bangle: MNG by Mango
Sunnies: Nine West
Handbag: Coach
Necklaces (wrapped): One=vintage; One=purchased from talented friend

Share with me your thoughts on reindeer sweaters, self-empowerment or whatever else you'd like. Would adore hearing your views!

Joy, reindeer and peace!  T.

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

My Muse on "Doors Closed"

When one figurative door closes, does it mean another one (that's meant for us to take) opens? I'd sure like to think so, wouldn't you?

So...with these thoughts in mind... Does the "other" door avail itself, or do we need to go out and search for it?

The idealist in me is envisions that "door" as the change that's meant to be, the hope for many wondrous new opportunities and a chance to experience success on a whole new level. The realist in me is willing to find that door, open it, and walk on in.  Yup, I am.

Wrap: Anne Klein
Scarf: Coach
Lace Top: Vintage (Etsy)
Cashmere Sweater: No Brand
Jeans: Chico's
Suede Booties: GC Shoes (boutique purchase)
Sunnies: DKNY
Handbag: Fossil
Men's Watch: Pulsar (gifted)
Bracelet: Vintage Monet (antique shop purchase)

Ever muse? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Joy and peace, T.

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