Saturday, November 4, 2017

eShakti: Look as Good as You Feel, Feel as Good as You Look!

Recently eShakti invited me to participate in their "Look as Good as You Feel, Feel as Good as You Look!" campaign. What a pleasure it is to note this marks my fifth collaborative with them!!!  Check out my spring 2017 collaborative here.

I not only love the theme of this latest campaign, I adore their product and have for several years, now.  In fact, not only have I accepted courtesy products from them and featured those items here on my blog... I have actually purchased clothing pieces independent of these ventures (which says a lot!).  

My definition of looking good (and (in turn) feeling good) is multi-faceted.  Quality is key to me, and eShakti's products have always adhered to my high standards.  Likewise, I strongly value authentic expression. eShakti gets that as well--offering me the ability to customize any garment to reflect my own unique style.

 Dress:  Courtesy of eShakti
Blanket Scarf: Gifted
Sunnies: Ray Ban
Belt: Coach
Earrings: Gifted
Watch: Coach
Boots: Vintage (Kinney)
Handbag: Kate Spade
Hat: Charming Charlie

This particular dress was originally featured in a shorter overall and sleeve length and with embroidered embellishments on it.  Their website allowed me to adjust the length on both the sleeves and the dress itself--and, to also remove the embellishments.  The fit is always perfect, too, as I can even record my height when ordering (equates to a great fit every time!).

My own personal style is something I'd call, "Classic--with an edge."  That's why I selected this lovely shirtdress.  What a beautiful classic it is!  And, it's been personally styled with a big floppy hat and cowgirl boots--giving me that little bit of edginess (smile).  I've also switched out the lovely navy blue matching belt that accompanied this dress with an old fave of mine. The fit and customizations are exactly what I envisioned, and (of course) the quality is top-notch.

I truly believe when you feel good, it's reflected back outwardly. Likewise, when you look good, it translates into a matching feeling!  How would I sum up my latest eShakti experience? Yes, you guessed it... It's all GOOD (and then some!)!

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Monday, April 24, 2017

Customized: My Latest eShakti Dress!

Recently, I was contacted by the good folks at eShakti about a blog cooperative.  Having had several wonderful experiences with them, via both blog cooperation and as an actual customer, I was excited to accept their latest offer to do so (here's a link to a blog post from last fall).

Featured above is the dress I selected for this collaborative.  It's lovely, but my preference was that the dress be knee length and have shorter sleeves... Additionally, with my height being 5' 4", there's always a concern that a garment's length won't be exactly right.  Lucky for me, eShakti enables me to customize any garment they offer for style, fit and size!  

So, with my personal vision in mind, I not only shortened the dress and redesigned the sleeves (to my liking), I was able to record my height at time of order--to ensure my lovely new dress was just right for me.  Best of all, of this was so easy to do via the eShakti website!

I've further customized the dress a bit by switching out the included belt; instead pairing one of my old faves with it.  This well-made, customized dress has so many possibilities... I could style it with a cotton white blazer, jean jacket, denim vest, or simply wear it on its own--as I have here.

This sweet eShakti dress has both "spring" and "summertime" written all over it!  And, I love its classic style!  Truly, it's me--especially with the special customizations I made (smile).  Similar options for this particular dress can be found here.

Dress: Courtesy of eShakti
Belt: JCrew
Shoes: Michael Kors
Sunnies: Ray Ban
Handbag: Fossil
Watch: Coach (gifted)

Joy, peace & thanks for reading! T.

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