Friday, August 30, 2013

A Blissful Evening's Walk...

Last eve, I took a walk after dinner.  Strolled the neighborhood and chatted with a dear friend on my cell while I luxuriated in a beautiful August evening, outdoors.

A few blocks from home, my call drew to a close.  I shuffled a fave playlist--delighting in the fact that General Public's Tenderness was playing cheerfully in my ears.  Isn't it amazing how life's simple joys can be the richest treasures--a beautiful evening, female camaraderie, a song from the past...

These pics are selfies.  Yes, I know... But, last eve's indulgences left me feeling blissfully playful! And, that is, no doubt, is a good, good thing!

What are your plans for this weekend?  We actually have none, and that, too, makes me smile.

Joy, peace and bliss!  T.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Whispers of Purple & Wisdom...

Art Journal Collage
August 28, 2013

Last eve, I sat down with my beloved art journal--ready to pen this summer's accomplishments (a.k.a. my summer brag list).  Beforehand, I had no preconceived ideas of what my collage (I'd record my summer brag list onto) would look like.  

As my endeavor began, though, I found myself inexplicably craving purple-hued images, repeatedly.  Over time, I've learned to trust these sage little "whispers" from within--not only in the creation of art--but in my day-to-day life as well.

Purple is not a color I generally sport.  Nevertheless, post last eve's purple joy, I'm now toying with thoughts of adding a few statement accessories to my wardrobe this fall--in shades o' purple, of course.  Purple accents would look stunning paired with a black + white ensemble. Don't you think?  The thought of donning purple nails and lips I also find to be an enticing possibility...

Over time, my intuition (Wise Self, Inner Wisdom, etc., etc., etc.) has become one of my most prized personal possessions.  Last week, I struggled for a resolution to a workplace situation that was threatening to take a not-so-pretty path.  Following a bit of dedicated quiet time one morning before blogging, the solution came to me--as clearly as if someone whispered it into my ear.  I used that wisdom to emerge victorious against the "situation" I had grappled with for several days prior.  Straight up, that's an empowering feeling!

What treasures have arrived your way as a result of those sacred inner whisperings?  Please share!  

Joy, peace and happy "Little Friday!"  T.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Reflections on a Summer Soon Gone

Last evening, I took time to enjoy a tad-bit balmy, late-summer evening, outdoors, in my flower gardens.  What struck me most was how lush and bountiful my lovely plants look this year...

It made me realize things won't look the same a few weeks from now.  Many of the annuals will fade; whereas, some of my favorite perennials will begin to flourish.

In years gone by, I've engaged in the creation of a summer brag list.  It's a self-affirming activity that allows me to celebrate the summer's joys and my own seasonal accomplishments.  Click here, to check out a past post with added details for creating your own summer brag list.

This evening, I'm going to pull out my art journal and create a summer 2013 brag list.  Of course, I'll light a few candles--and possibly pour myself a glass of wine, as well...

The pics throughout this post were taken last evening, and they are from my own gardens.  The ones below are sure signs this sweet summer is drawing to a close.

Budded Mums

Red Berries on the Holly Shrub

Autumn Blaze Afire!

Share with me your reflections on this season about to draw to a close.  Would love hearing them!

Joy and peace!  T.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New Life for a LBD...

Yesterday flew by rather quickly.  It was most marked by the fact I took myself out for a sacred, solo lunch date, mid-day, and savored a beautiful evening walk outdoors post dinner.  Yum!

Exercising my creativity muscles is every bit as important as daily physical activity is to my overall well-being.  Of course, I love to write and create art, but my creative pursuits also include exploring new ways to pair closet favorites...

Take--for example--this dress... I purchased it a few years ago for a very special event (our local Zonta club's tenth anniversary celebration--where I, as then club president, emceed). Since then, I've worn it to scads of other momentous occasions: wine tastings, my parents' 50th wedding anniversary bash, romantic dinner dates with Mark, etc., etc., etc....

Yesterday, I styled it with a neon-hued t-shirt.  Wore it as a jumper--rather than a LBD.  This gave my treasured "special occasion" dress new life...

Dress:  I.N. Studio via Dillard's
Linen T-Shirt: J Crew
Belt:  J Crew
Lace Tights: Apt 9 via Kohl's 
Sunnies: Target
Shoes: Target
Heart Pendant: College graduation gift from my grandparents (Mamaw + Pampaw)

What wardrobe stretch have you recently discovered?  Did doing so make you feel creatively fulfilled? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Joy and peace, T.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Play Hard. Relax When Possible. Always Savor Life.

Why is it weekends are far too short?  Happily, I've taken time, this summer, to fully enjoy my weekends (brief as they may seem!).

The pics featured throughout this post were taken Saturday morning--right after my breakfast date with Mark, downtown.  Regardless of whatever other fun thing we have planned, this longstanding ritual is one I always look forward to.

Polo: American Eagle (another one my son outgrew!)
Pants: American Eagle
Sneaks: Converse
Handbag: Juicy Couture
Sunnies: Vera Bradley

Saturday was a great day. Post breakfast, I bought fresh fruits and veggies at a local farmers' market.  Then, enjoyed a spot of shopping at a nearby thrift shop (can't wait to feature what I bought on a future post!).  Early afternoon, we ventured out for a 16-mile bike ride on a local park trail. Afterwards, we headed downtown for dinner at a sports bar.

The point I'm trying to make is that life can get busy, complicated.  One of the most self-nurturing things I do for myself is to ensure that (working hard aside) I play hard, relax when possible and always savor life's little opportunities to live well.

What joy did your weekend bring?  I would absolutely love hearing about it!

Joy and peace! T.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Your Permission Slip to Celebrate Yourself

From my art journal!
August 22, 2013

A few months ago, I sat down to craft a mission/vision statement for this blog.  Here's it is:

Writing the permission slip + providing the inspiration for 
women to celebrate themselves.

It is grounded in the thoughts put forth in this past post.

My life's vision/mission statement is somewhat similar:

Live mindfully. See + experience beauty. Celebrate life and self.

If you are a blogger, do you have a mission/vision statement?  Blogger or not: do you have a mission/vision statement for your life itself?  Please share your thoughts!

Joy, peace and happy Friday!  T.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Melding Healthy Into a Busy Day

Seems like I am saying this a lot, lately: "It's been one super-busy week!"  By day's end, Monday and Tuesday, I was so "spent," I decided to forego my usually-unshakable commitment to getting some type of exercise--no yoga, no bike ride, no run outdoors--nada.  

Last night, long day and all, I decided to take a walk outdoors--after dinner. It was the best decision I made all day...

You see, what's crystal clear to me, this morning, is that a walk outdoors is a quasi cure-all.  Post my walk, I had twice the energy than I did the prior two evenings.  Another thing, I slept scads better last night (thanks, no doubt, to a spot of outdoors exercise)! And (gold star for me), I know I did something healthy for myself--after a busy, indoor work day.

Dress: DKNY (vintage via Etsy)
Cardigan: Liz Claiborne (been a closet fave of mine for some time now!)
Silk Scarf: Oscar De La Renta (consigned)
Sunnies: Target
Shoes: Nine West
Pendant: Vintage (via Etsy)

What healthy treat can you meld into your busy day?  Would love to hear what you've come up with!

Joy, peace and happy "Little Friday!" T.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Self-Empowerment Via Art Journaling

Art Journal Collage
August 8, 2013

It seems as if this summer only began a few weeks ago.  Yet, I'm already seeing little signs of fall emerging: shorter days, cooler mornings, and a stray red or yellow leaf on a tree--here and there.  Am I alone, or does anyone else get that same sense as well?

Although I haven't engaged in art journaling as frequently as I did last year at this time, I find myself returning to it with some level of consistency (at least a couple of times a month).  Sometimes, there's no real understanding of why I select and use the images I do to create my collages.  I merely rely on my inner wisdom to guide me.  That's an empowering feeling, and way to express myself!  This past post includes a video made last year.  It's dedicated to why I heart art journaling.

What creative practice brings you a greater sense of self-reliance and empowerment?  Share your thoughts.  I'd love hearing them!

Joy and peace.  T.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

On Hitting the Mother Lode...

Our youngest son, Patrick, is a graduate student living in Boston.  Unfortunately, visits with him, these days, are not as often as we'd like.

Out of the blue, he texted me--one particularly busy afternoon last week--sending along the sweet pic of him featured above, with a short note and "Love you!"  I've gotta say... That impromptu message absolutely made my day!

A few weeks ago, I began sifting through a few items he left behind--here at the house.  They are things he's outgrown or discarded.  Pictured below, are a few of my faves.

These skull-themed toe socks are adorable, aren't they? I'm dating myself right now, but back in the 70's, I used to love wearing toe socks with open-toed wedge shoes.  I think this would be a fun look this fall--especially in October!

Look at this one!  It's a Banana Republic argyle sweater, and it was a "rescue" project... When I discovered it, it had been shrunken to kid-sized small, I soaked it in a bit of tepid water along with a shampoo that contained creme rinse in it.  After a while, I stretched it back into shape.
Voila!  Good as new!

This shirt was featured in yesterday's blog post.  I love the classic stripes!
Mark snapped this pic on our way to breakfast, downtown, that morning (pre-Indiana day trip)

Share with me your recent experiences on hitting the mother lode.  I would LOVE hearing about them!

Joy and peace,  T.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Joy=A Delightful Day Trip...

This summer, I vowed to indulge in at least one day trip a month.  In June, we enjoyed a day along Lake Erie.  July found us venturing to Lake Huron.  This past Saturday, we headed to northeast Indiana --post our standing breakfast date downtown.

The focal point of our trip was Pokagon State Park.  On our way to the park, we stopped at a sweet, country winery, and purchased some vino.  They were having an onsite art fair, so we walked amongst the many artisans' displays. It was an adventuresome way to gather inspiration for future projects I'd like to undertake.

Post lunch at the park's lovely inn, we hiked the gorgeous, wooded hills.  Mark says we covered roughly five miles.  There is no exercise so luscious as a walk in nature, is there?

The weather was phenomenal!  The temps were moderate, the sun shone brightly, and a soft breeze graced us all day long!  Here's what I wore (Of course, I stowed the handbag in our vehicle during our hike).

Dress shirt: Target (youngest son outgrew it!)
Tank top: Chico's
Shorts: Jones New York
Shoes: Keds
Handbag: Vera Bradley
Sunnies: Vera Bradley
Bracelet: Vintage

This has been the most beautiful summer I can remember.  It's been so very pleasant (temperature wise); plus, we've had an adequate amount of rain.  The trees and grass are the greenest of greens, the flowers are lush and the great outdoors beckons me.  Happily, I'm answering that call when I can.

After our walk, we relaxed with sparkling water and java on the inn's outdoor patio.  It was nestled next to an enchanting garden. The pics are featured below.  Before heading back home, we shopped at a nearby outlet mall; then, had dinner at a wonderful Italian restaurant a few miles away from the park.

Our day trips have been so very therapeutic, we are extending the concept of "at least one a month" into this fall's schedule.  Share with me your thoughts on nature, day trips and dedicated relaxation.  I would adore hearing them!

Joy and peace, T.