Thursday, August 29, 2013

Whispers of Purple & Wisdom...

Art Journal Collage
August 28, 2013

Last eve, I sat down with my beloved art journal--ready to pen this summer's accomplishments (a.k.a. my summer brag list).  Beforehand, I had no preconceived ideas of what my collage (I'd record my summer brag list onto) would look like.  

As my endeavor began, though, I found myself inexplicably craving purple-hued images, repeatedly.  Over time, I've learned to trust these sage little "whispers" from within--not only in the creation of art--but in my day-to-day life as well.

Purple is not a color I generally sport.  Nevertheless, post last eve's purple joy, I'm now toying with thoughts of adding a few statement accessories to my wardrobe this fall--in shades o' purple, of course.  Purple accents would look stunning paired with a black + white ensemble. Don't you think?  The thought of donning purple nails and lips I also find to be an enticing possibility...

Over time, my intuition (Wise Self, Inner Wisdom, etc., etc., etc.) has become one of my most prized personal possessions.  Last week, I struggled for a resolution to a workplace situation that was threatening to take a not-so-pretty path.  Following a bit of dedicated quiet time one morning before blogging, the solution came to me--as clearly as if someone whispered it into my ear.  I used that wisdom to emerge victorious against the "situation" I had grappled with for several days prior.  Straight up, that's an empowering feeling!

What treasures have arrived your way as a result of those sacred inner whisperings?  Please share!  

Joy, peace and happy "Little Friday!"  T.