Friday, August 16, 2013

Self-Care: Bright Days + Warm Eves

Love my sweet bouquet?  Mark brought these lovely daisies home from the grocery store the other evening.  He actually surprised me with them (smile).  I split them into two bouquets; kept one at home and took the other into the office (the floral pics featured in this post were taken at my workplace office).

Sometimes, I’ll pick up a $3 bouquet while on a lunch break and bring it back to work with me.  I’ve also picked flowers from my own garden—gracing both my home and workspace with them.  Fresh flowers always bring me bliss... How about you?

It’s been another very busy week at work.  Looking up—from time to time throughout my workweek—to enjoy the cheery neon hues in these precious petals has indeed brightened my world in more ways than one! 

Last night, I took the brightness to the next level by infusing a bit of warmth into my day.  Enjoyed a relaxing evening at the salon.  A trim + highlights meant sacred time sitting under a soothing-warm dryer.  I even enjoyed a yummy cup of hot herbal tea while doing so. 

Pics from last eve's salon visit!

What one, small way can you brighten your day, today, and sparkle warmth into your evening?  Please share with me your thoughts. Then, proceed in enjoying a bit of warmth and brightness!

Joy, hugs and happy Friday!  T.