Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How Style Promotes Self-Celebration

Silk Blouse: Lord & Taylor (Vintage via Etsy)
Vest: Amanda Smith (It's actually a twinset shell worn as a vest. Owned it for years.)
Maxi Skirt: B Moss (Another closet fave of mine for quite some time!)
Belt: J Crew
Statement Necklace: Vintage (Bought at area antique shop)
Sunnies: Target
Shoes: Target

I’ve featured posts on style, somewhat consistently, since thisblog launched in March 2012.  One might ask, “What’s style got to do with self-celebration?”  I say, “Plenty!”

 Style promotes...

 Courage: Being courageous takes practice.  Where better to get warmed up than by donning what expresses your inner self outwardly than via what you wear?

Authenticity:  Styling authentically means wearing what you desire versus what you think you are supposed to wear—based upon your age, gender, vocation, etc.  Of course, there are compromises.  For example, it wouldn’t be a great idea for me to sport a pair of ripped jeans into the office.  I can, however, have fun and authentically express myself by infusing vintage pieces, leopard print and maxi skirts—and do so in a manner appropriate for a professional setting.

 Creativity:  I view my life as art, and my wardrobe as my expression of who I am.  Naturally, coming up with outfits that express who I am, while simultaneously maintain appropriateness to the occasion, takes creative flair.  Like a muscle, the more I think creatively, the more creative I tend to be.

Resourcefulness:  I heart living within a budget, and I adore the planet.  Over time, I’ve learned to dress well spending much less than ever before.  When I buy vintage, consigned and thrifted pieces, I am also doing something great for the environment.  Both of these things make me feel fabulous about my efforts!

 Confidence:  When your inner light shines brightly, you have no qualms about expressing yourself on various levels.  Self-confidence takes time to build.  Expressing yourself through style is not only the pinnacle of shining brightly—it provides a wonderful building block for attaining full-fledged self-confidence.

What about you?  How does your expression of style allow you to celebrate yourself?

Joy and peace.  T.