Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Reflections on a Summer Soon Gone

Last evening, I took time to enjoy a tad-bit balmy, late-summer evening, outdoors, in my flower gardens.  What struck me most was how lush and bountiful my lovely plants look this year...

It made me realize things won't look the same a few weeks from now.  Many of the annuals will fade; whereas, some of my favorite perennials will begin to flourish.

In years gone by, I've engaged in the creation of a summer brag list.  It's a self-affirming activity that allows me to celebrate the summer's joys and my own seasonal accomplishments.  Click here, to check out a past post with added details for creating your own summer brag list.

This evening, I'm going to pull out my art journal and create a summer 2013 brag list.  Of course, I'll light a few candles--and possibly pour myself a glass of wine, as well...

The pics throughout this post were taken last evening, and they are from my own gardens.  The ones below are sure signs this sweet summer is drawing to a close.

Budded Mums

Red Berries on the Holly Shrub

Autumn Blaze Afire!

Share with me your reflections on this season about to draw to a close.  Would love hearing them!

Joy and peace!  T.