Tuesday, August 20, 2013

On Hitting the Mother Lode...

Our youngest son, Patrick, is a graduate student living in Boston.  Unfortunately, visits with him, these days, are not as often as we'd like.

Out of the blue, he texted me--one particularly busy afternoon last week--sending along the sweet pic of him featured above, with a short note and "Love you!"  I've gotta say... That impromptu message absolutely made my day!

A few weeks ago, I began sifting through a few items he left behind--here at the house.  They are things he's outgrown or discarded.  Pictured below, are a few of my faves.

These skull-themed toe socks are adorable, aren't they? I'm dating myself right now, but back in the 70's, I used to love wearing toe socks with open-toed wedge shoes.  I think this would be a fun look this fall--especially in October!

Look at this one!  It's a Banana Republic argyle sweater, and it was a "rescue" project... When I discovered it, it had been shrunken to kid-sized small, I soaked it in a bit of tepid water along with a shampoo that contained creme rinse in it.  After a while, I stretched it back into shape.
Voila!  Good as new!

This shirt was featured in yesterday's blog post.  I love the classic stripes!
Mark snapped this pic on our way to breakfast, downtown, that morning (pre-Indiana day trip)

Share with me your recent experiences on hitting the mother lode.  I would LOVE hearing about them!

Joy and peace,  T.