Thursday, August 8, 2013

To Me, Summer Hibernation Seems Natural

Summer hibernation—it’s totally natural.  Um--wait—it’s actually winter hibernation that’s the naturally-occurring phenomenon, isn’t it?

Generally, it seems that winter is the slow, relaxed, reflective, inwardly-turned season of my life; whereas summertime tends to be the season of rapid growth, constant change and productivity.  This summer has been a bit different, though... 

You see, a flurry of activity surrounded the finalization of my book proposal in early June.  Despite the fact that my beloved proposal merely needs one final review before it is shipped off to a publisher, the simple fact is this: I haven’t carved out time to do it.  There have been no Tickled Pink Woman podcasts or videos, either, these past few months.  Instead, I’ve enjoyed indulging in stillness, rest, or time with those near and dear during my non-work hours.  

Hibernating, this summer, has been a totally organic course of action (or, perhaps, inaction).  Albeit a shift in my norm, I’m okay with it.  As the summer grows shorter, I feel an inner awakening beginning to emerge.  Who knows what fall might bring?

What’s your summer been like so far?  Are you also finding it to be a bit different from other ones? 

Joy and peace!  T.