Friday, August 2, 2013

Time Saver: Day to Eve Style

Blouse: Michael Kors (via Etsy)
Skirt: Thrifted (no brand)
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Shoes: Target
Jewelry: Vintage

Last evening was sumptuously chill.  Post dinner, I indulged in a pedi at the salon. Then, I practiced yoga at home. In a word, "Yum!"

Wednesday evening, however, Mark and I enjoyed a mid-week date night.  Following a super-busy day at the office, I deemed timesaving as my main objective in getting ready. Rather than change clothes before heading downtown for dinner, I opted to simply switch up what I was already wearing a bit by pulling my blouse off my shoulders. It's a classic look for a summertime evening out on the town...

Below are pics of my day to eve ensemble.  Our dinner out took place at a casual local pub.  To dress up or down my look further, I could have also switched out the shoes I wore and/or my accessories.



Share with me your fave time savers (style or otherwise).  I would love hearing them!

Have a wonderful weekend!  Joy and peace.  T.