Sunday, March 31, 2013

Tickled Pink Woman Podcast: Episode #12

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Tickled Pink Woman Podcast Show Notes:
Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hello and welcome to Episode 12 of the Tickled Pink Woman podcast, a woman’s celebration of self.  The focus of today’s podcast: Ways to Stress Less.

I.         MUSE: Why I’ve been AWOL this last few weeks…

II.        Today's episode: My tips for stressing less…

1)   Implement Time Savers: WhatIWore app, combine self-care rituals, set up coffee to brew the night before...
2)   Pare Down: closets, the “stack” on my desk, jewelry repair...
3)   Engage in at least one spiritual activity a day: meditation, yoga, deep breathing
4)   Establish minimum standards for self-care: A concept from author Jennifer Louden.  My minimum standards for self-care are: plenty of water, affirmations, rest, creativity daily
5)   Sign on for the power of the pen: journal, record creative inspirations as they come to you, write out monthly dreams, create an “all I want this weekend” list, pen a letter or note to a friend
6)   Embrace white space: breakfast, meditation, driving to and from work, patio time…
7)   Consciously commit to undertaking one creative endeavor a day: write a few lines in your journal, rearrange…, plant a flower garden, be resourceful (repurpose items, get things done YOUR way, problem solve)
8)   Micromove!  Apply author SARK’s strategies for getting things done…

Pinking Shears: Ways to take today’s concepts away and tailor them for your needs! 

1) Choose at least one item from each of the eight tips and implement it in the coming month!

2) Grab your journal and record added ways that you can minimize stress… Enact your strategies!

Rosy Resources: For those who want to explore today’s topic a bit further, check out:

·      My blog post dated February 7, 2013: Peace Up Stress Down
·      My blog post dated June 6, 2012: Minimum Requirements for Self Care
·      Jennifer Louden’s website and free resources

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Thank you for joining me on today’s episode of the Tickled Pink Woman podcast. Hope you’ll join me this week on the blog! Joy & peace!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Taking a Shine to Impermanence...

"Dearest Sunshine: Your abrupt departure and too-short presence simply 
cues me to step up and shine without you!"
--my thoughts as shared on Twitter (March 27, 2013)

For many of us, it’s been an incredibly long winter.  Despite the fact that spring has technically arrived, winter still seems to be hanging around (It is freezing here this morning!)

A few days ago, the sun shone for the first time in what literally seemed like an eternity.  Gracing us with only a few hours’ appearance that day, the sunshine’s too-soon departure resulted in the Twitter thoughts shared above. 

Sometimes, external circumstances serve to dampen the joy of the here and now.  And, I’m not just talking about the weather, either... 

More recently, I've found comfort in the knowledge that every moment is impermanent...  What this means is: so, too, are encounters with difficult people, the lingering winter, projects I don't enjoy tackling, etc., etc., etc.  

The sparkly shoes (featured above and below) are mine.  I wore them, yesterday, to remind me to shine—even if the sun decided not to.  Nice thing was that it did--all day (smile).  It's bright and sunny, again, this morning, too! Perhaps springtime is, indeed, en route, and this winter will not be everlasting after all.  Uh huh, I'm taking a shine to impermanence!

Joy and peace and the comfort of impermanence to you.  T.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Creative Style: A Dress as a Skirt…

Styling a fave dress as a skirt...

Yesterday, I sported a fave dress of mine to work, and lunch out with a gal pal. As a result, I did something I only began doing in the past year: I wore my dress as a skirt...

Here’s how: Throw a tee shirt or sweater over a dress to create the illusion that it’s a skirt.  Yesterday, I chose to don a Jones New York long-sleeved lace top (as featured in the pic, above) over my vintage Michael Kors wool dress (see this same dress styled as a jumper in this past post).  Since the top and dress (posing as a skirt) were both in the same color (black), I used a leopard print scarf and patterned tights to give my outfit an added bit of personality (smile).    

 I love rocking my dresses as skirts!  Doing so gives my wardrobe added “stretch” by creating a totally different look for a dress I already adore wearing.  It’s unexpected; yet, elegant. 

 As much as I love this dress, though, I am looking forward to retiring it until fall.  Yup, I’m itching to pull out my lighter weight pieces, and truly welcome springtime in grand style.  Who knows?  Perhaps next week...

Joy and peace.  T.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Taking Control + Becoming A Force of Change...

My March Dreams...

A few months ago it was butterflies... More recently, it's been windows and kites...

What I’m referring to is my inclination to be fascinated. And, I know, in talking with others that I’m not alone in this—finding myself drawn to images of certain things, inexplicably, at various points in time.

Recent art journal collage featuring windows...

In the last few weeks, I’ve found myself magnetized by images of large expansive windows—some looking out onto gorgeous views—others simply nestled into rustic interiors—all serving as a tremendous source of natural light...  In response to a recent blog post featuring one of my window collages, a dear friend and fellow blogger helped shed further “light" on the matter, sharing with me the following quote from author Don Shapiro

“Keep creating new windows from which to look at your world.  Never accept your current view of the world as the only view.  Let new awareness help you to alter your view and motivate you to be the force of change in your life.”

Recent art journal collage with a prominently-displayed kite

Another resounding theme I’m attracted to as of late is kites.  I haven’t flown one since I was a child, but I do have fond memories of those times. provides insight on the symbolism of kites as they relate to dreams:

 “To dream of flying can symbolize your desire to be free from problems and enjoy a more carefree and adventurous lifestyle. Similarly, kites symbolize the same connotations except in a more controlled way.  Just as a kit is tethered by a string, so you have not let go completely.  It can also show how you desire to take control of your life.” 

Is it a sense of gaining control and becoming a force of change I seek?  Hmmm... Perhaps...

What do you find yourself drawn to as of late?  What do you think it means to you, personally? Would love to hear about it! 

Joy and peace.  T. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Creativity: Tips for Cultivating It...

Creating art=the courtship of one's own soul.
--my insights via Twitter (March 26, 2013)
Collage courtesy of my art journal (March 26, 2013)

Cultivating creativity... To me, it's simply a matter of wooing the creative spirit within.  My tips for creativity cultivation are:

Nurture it daily.  Snap a photo with your phone.  Write a few lines in your journal. Arrange fresh-cut flowers in a vase.  Every day, purposefully engage in at least one creative endeavor.  

Listen to it.  Give careful considerations to your creative ideas and impulses--even those that seem a bit different or farfetched.  When you further explore your inspirations, you honor yourself, hone your intuitive, and better ensure you will always have creative material ready for use.

Don it.  Mix prints. Sport vintage statement pieces of clothing and/or jewelry. Allow your outward appearance to serve as the canvas you display your authentic self upon.  

Share it.  Gift others with the handicrafts you make. Launch a blog. Teach someone how to knit.  Your bright light illuminates the paths and lives of others. It also allows you to celebrate yourself while simultaneously doing something special for others.

Grow it.  Take a class in watercolor painting. Check out an instructional video on gardening.  Experiment with mixed forms of media in your art journal.  Play. Express. Have fun.  Go where you feel led—creatively. Seek creative growth consistently.

Recognize it.  Honor yourself for your efforts. Realize you have gifts. Embrace your life as art.

How do you cultivate it (creativity--that is!)?  Would adore hearing from you!

Joy and peace.  T.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

On Spiritualism, Attitude and Showing Up

To the snow and busyness, I say, "Om!"

Yesterday was Monday, and a busy, snowy one at that.  Two back-to-back meetings, a series of undone tasks pushed forward to today's projects list, and the sense that it was early January versus late March--that was my Monday (9 to 5) in a nutshell...

Exiting my office, headed to the parking lot, my first thought was one I've never had until last evening: "Think I'll skip yoga class, tonight."  It was something I wrestled with--as there was no real reason for my feeling this way--other than it had been a long day...

As I entered my vehicle, to head home, I heard birds (what sounded like a whole multitude of them) cheerily singing.  My first thought was, "With all these birds chirping, you'd think it was a beautiful spring day."  I quickly stopped myself, and decided, "Hey...snow,  seemingly insurmountable workload and all, it is."

Driving home, I remembered something I'd read Sunday afternoon.  Author Linda Carroll (in her book Remember Who You Are: Seven Stages on a Woman's Journey of Spirit, had written, "Once we have committed ourselves to spiritual practice, the first thing we must do is follow through with action."   In fact, she had termed it as "showing up."  Plain and simple...

You have likely guessed what happened next...  Between my shift in attitude, and realization that, if ever I needed to engage in a spiritual practice, last evening was (no doubt) the time, I ended up attending yoga class.  All I can say is  I'm glad for both my shift in attitude, and the fact I showed up for myself after all (smile).

Joy and peace and Om.  T.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Napping as an Achievement...

A recent art journal collage dedicated to napping...

Seems to be a theme... What I'm referring to is my more recent understanding that downtime has measurable value...

Saturday, I embarked on an artist's date and drafted the final section of my book proposal (Yay!)  Monthly dream achievements accomplished: Check. Check. Let me share with you, though, what I believe may have been my most important action of the day: napping (two naps--actually--on Saturday!).  Yup, I napped both before and after dinner.

To be perfectly honest, the first nap I had no qualms over taking it.  The second one, however... Well, after awaking...I felt a bit (um) guilty...  I actually shared, with Mark, some "off the cuff" remark about doing so.  He quickly reminded me: 1) I must have been tired; and 2) "Hey, that's what weekends are for."  Sometimes, it takes someone near and dear to remind us of these things, yes?

To drive the point home a bit further, I came across a fabulous video clip courtesy of author Christine Arylo while enjoying my weekly Sunday morning total relaxation time, yesterday morning (java sipping, email reading, listening to music, freely zoning out, etc.).  One central point she made was, "Resting is doing something."  Amazingly timely, huh?

Not sure what it's doing your way (weather-wise), but Ms. Winter has again emerged the victor over Ms. Spring at the present (Sigh!).  Wishing you joy, peace and a happy Monday!  T.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

An Adventuresome March Artist's Date...

When u decide Ur life is an adventure, the treasures and magic abound.
--personal insights via Twitter (March 23, 2013)

Saturday morning (post my standing breakfast date, downtown, with Mark), I headed over to the Starbucks on the local college campus.  My plan?  Venture forth for a memorable artist's date.  My intention for this occasion?  Well, it was to write a rough draft of the last section of my book proposal...

Entering the Bowen-Thompson Student Union, I glided into a mystical, fantastical and lively realm... Bongo drums pelting out blissful rhythms, folks dressed in a myriad of adventuresome costumes (some comical, others frightening, all were eye-catching!) and (did I already mention?) people everywhere, it was akin to arriving at a party of sorts--one big bash.

After a spot of sampling the many wondrous sights, I wandered into the Starbucks and set up shop.  As a result of inspiring sights and sounds all around me, sprinkled with hot tea and a tucked-away table near a window with a view, I merged a couple of hours later with that last section of my book proposal in tow (albeit a very rough draft!).

Below are few pics from my adventuresome March artist's date.

A few sights from inside the Union...


Views from inside the Starbucks...

What I saw peering out Starbucks' windows...

 Joy & peace & embrace life as an adventure!  The magic and treasures will subsequently abound! T.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Handmade + Thrifty + Planet-friendly Fashion

We've all got to get dressed each day, right?  My thought is to make it a time to have fun, flex our creativity muscles a bit and maybe don a spot of social responsibility from time to time in doing so...

Featured above is what I wore to work, yesterday.  The dress (styled as a jumper) was purchased from a local boutique, and it is handmade.  The turtleneck was a Target snag (less than $10 and featured on this blog before).  My belt, I picked up at a local thrift store for $1. 

I heart the fact that pulling together an outfit requires me to think outside the box—get my creative on!  The fact that I’m supporting local artisans/women business owners, saving money and being environmentally prudent with an outfit like this... Well, that’s just frosting on the red velvet cupcake (smile)!

How about you?  Do you find that selecting an outfit helps you flex your creativity muscles?  Do you enjoy the thrill of a fab second-hand find?  Would love to hear about it!

Joy & peace.  T.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Deep Thoughts via Twitter

Deep thoughts via a recent art journal collage...

Do you Twitter?  I do (click here to check out my Twitter page)!  Today, I’m sharing a few of my “deeper” thoughts as expressed within the Twitter realm (smile).  Hope you enjoy!

Smile. Stretch. See beauty. Create art. In other words, gift yourself some sparkle today! –March 4, 2013

Shift need not be life changing. Write a few lines. Snap a photo. Stretch amidst the busy day. Any little step is one that's monumental. –February 20, 2013

Act as if. Stand tall. Be glam. Sparkle brightly. You hold the pen, and can write your life any way you please!  --February 1, 2013

Do that thing Ur uncomfortable with. Take life by the reins. Self-empower your splendid self! --January 19, 2013

Engage in ur passion. Follow the wisdom ur Wise Self offers. Treat yourself as your best friend. In other words, celebrate your lovely self! –January 13, 2013

When allowed to roam freely, inspiration will run rampantly. --November 27, 2012

Dreaming of candlelight + ambiance + mood-enhancing music... Pls allow me to clarify a bit...looking f/w to yoga class tonight! :) --October 18, 2012

N-sure your inner voice resides in a safe haven. Hear her, follow her advice, n-courage her to speak. She is aptly called ur Wise Self.  --September 16, 2012 incubates in relaxation, sparks w/nurturing & ignites when its flames are fanned through ongoing practice. --August 3, 2012

A creative spark is a thing of great beauty. Acknowledge it. Cherish it. Nurture it. Let it illuminate your world. --July 7, 2012

My journal is my refuge. My art is my joy. My Wise Self...she is my most prized possession. --May 25, 2012

Achieve balance. Stretch. Get grounded. Breathe to overcome challenges. Relax. As in yoga, so, too, in life. --April 30, 2012

The "whip" is useless in taming fear. Self-compassion + deep breathing are this fear-tamer's tools of the trade. April 17, 2012

When you get an inspiration, consider it a gift you must open and use. –April 5, 2012

It's not magic per se, but when you realize the wand is yours, wonderful things begin to happen. –April 4, 2012

Joy, peace & happy Friday!  T.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Equinox Reflections...

One of my very first art journal collages (May 6, 2010)

Despite the snow flurries that flittered about (accompanied by below-freezing temps), spring arrived officially--yesterday—in the northern hemisphere.  My spring equinox was not marked by anything remarkable: a busy workday, dinner at home, some writing and a spot of nondescript relaxation before finally proclaiming it “a day.”

Tonight, though, I’ve decided the vernal equinox celebration begins (smile).  Post dinner, I’m headed to a candlelit yoga class, where I hope to mindfully connect with myself in body, mind and spirit.  Afterwards, I plan on sitting down with my growth journal, a cup of hot jasmine tea, and a lit candle or so—back home.  Who knows?  I may just burn some of the lavender incense I’ve got stashed away in a kitchen cupboard, too...  You see, in the springtime, I like to reflect (even if only briefly) on the following:
  • In what ways did I prepare my life's "flower bed" (mentally, physically, creatively, spiritually, etc.), this winter, to ensure a more bountiful spring? This allows me to reflect on the ways I've nurtured my body, mind and spirit this past season.
  • What "seeds" will I plant in my life's "garden" this spring?  (In other words, what do I want to manifest in this new season?)
  • How will I water, feed and weed my life's "garden" this coming season?  (List those things I'll do to better ensure my dreams are realized (e.g. carving out weekly time in nature, drinking plenty of water each day, journal writing on a regular basis, etc.)).

Do you have a welcoming of springtime ritual?  If so, I’d adore hearing about it!

Joy, peace and happy spring!  T.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Give Yourself Some Simple Cheer Today!

Poured myself a cup of java from my kitchen, this morning, before heading upstairs to write today’s blog post.  Standing at the kitchen counter, I leaned into the heavenly scent originating from only a few inches away—where a simple bouquet of daffodils sat cheerily perched.  Yup, I have already stopped, today, and smelled the daffodils (smile)!  

You see, our local chapter of the American Cancer Society was selling daffodil bouquets as a fundraiser a few days ago.  I bought one for home and another for my workplace office.  Yesterday, amidst snowflakes flying outside my office window, I’d stop—from time to time—to marvel at the beauty of the bright yellow petals, the delicate, unique shape of each flower, and their strong, sturdy stems standing tall in a favorite vase I’d carried in from home.  Each time I did so, I found myself smiling—literally...

Gift yourself some simple cheer this Wednesday.  Slowly savor a cup of herbal tea. Observe the wind dancing amongst the treetops. Marvel at the softness of your pet’s silken fur as you pet her (or him).  Breathe deeply into a mindfully enjoyed forward fold. Welcome in laughter and embrace it heartily. Soak in the richness of vintage jazz music while you work... 

Joy, peace and cheer!  T.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Writing on an Art Journal Collage...

Featured, above, is an art journal collage I created a few evenings ago.  In the past, I rarely (if ever) wrote over the collages I created.  Somehow, it just didn’t seem right...  I had always thought the collage, itself, held meaning (much like a vision board does!).

More recently, however, it’s something I adore doing.  Sure--some collages I create are “stand alone”—I simply don't write on them. Their meaning is specific enough to me, and no words upon them are needed--or desired. 

In other instances, though, I’ve found a collage to be a great place to record thoughts (e.g. to do’s, dreams, thankfulness lists, etc.) onto.  That’s the case regarding the collage shown above.  This past weekend, post my creating it, I wrote onto my collage a few things I felt compelled to either do or seek out further this month (added March dreams—so to speak). Doing so just made my personal visions even more meaningful to me (maybe making me more likely to take them a step further...). I’ve included a pic of the finished “product” below (smile).  

 Do you write on the collages you create?  Please share your art journaling thoughts!

Joy & peace.  T.  

Monday, March 18, 2013

Insightful + Inspiring Tidbits Gleaned...

This past weekend, I enjoyed something I haven't for quite some time: a slow, relaxed pace of existence.  One of this past weekend's little luxuries was to catch up on some reading (yum!).  I finished the final chapters of Chris Guillebeau's The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future, polished off chapter two of Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity, and began reading Linda Carroll's Remember Who You Are: Seven Stages on a Woman's Journey of Spirit.

My reading is done in an effort to feed my mind and spirit--and to enhance the quality of my life--as a result of what I glean.  I wanted to share a few of the many inspirations and insights I gained as a result of this weekend's read-fest (smile):

From The $100 Startup...

"Good things happen to those who hustle." --Anais Nin (p. 147)

"Try new things and see what happens." (p. 193)

"Nothing will work unless you do." --Maya Angelou (p. 229)

"Don't waste your time living someone else's life." (p. 259)

From The Artist's Way...

"Creativity flourishes when we have a sense of safety and self-acceptance." (p. 42)

"Be particularly alert to any suggestion that you have become selfish or different.
(These are red-alert words for us.  They are attempts to leverage us back into
our old ways for the sake os someone else's comfort, not our own)." (p. 43)

"Give yourself the gift of faith. Trust that you are on the right track. You are." (p. 44)

From Remember Who You Are...

"To live is so startling, it leaves little time for anything else." --Emily Dickinson
(p. 11)

"There is a Native American folktale that claims each person is born into this world 
with a special song that is his or hers alone." (p. 13)

"Our breath provides an index of how comfortable we are in the moment. 
When we are afraid, we tighten our bodies and breathe faster; when relaxed,
we soften and breathe slowly." (p. 25)

What have you read recently that inspired or enlightened you? Would love to hear about it!

Joy, peace and happiest of Mondays to you!  T.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

On Courage, Self-authenticity & Leopard Print...

Yup, a test of courage and authenticity arrived via these babies!

I've touted it often: courage, authenticity, self-expression, not worrying what others might think...  Yet, those who follow the Tickled Pink Woman Facebook page know I had a moment or two of thoughts contrary to what I generally "preach" this past Friday evening...

You see, it all began on Friday night--post me seeing the little sweeties featured above--online on Etsy.  My size, vintage BCBG, nicely was sheer adoration at first sight!

Then, came the "Darest I?" thoughts...  If I purchased them, I would definitely wear them (things don't just sit in my closet!).  Out and about--no problem, but the workplace... Hmmm what would others say (sporting my leopard print stilettos has been a bit more "liberal" wear than is generally the norm within said environment). Me, the owner of two faux fur leopard print coats, even questioned if there was such a thing as "too much" leopard print that one could don (as if!). 

Then, on Saturday morning, I read a recent feature from a fashion blogger that truly resonated.  She had purchased a pair of boots others had previously referred to as outright "ugly."  Her response was to buy and proudly wear them--because she loved the way they looked.  

Needless to say... The deed has been done.  Boots have been purchased.  The little pretties should ship within the next week.  Feeling somewhat more courageous, authentic and self-expressive, I joyously await their arrival (big, big smile!).

Joy and peace!  T.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Late-Winter Cravings...

It's mid-March.  Snow, sleet and unbelievably frigid temps maintain a stronghold--here in northwest Ohio (sigh...).  My nearest (week-long) vacation is nearly three months away.  My workplace "to do" list seems to be doubling itself daily. This winter has been (and continues to be) a long one.  Right now, I am enjoying thoughts of spring, summer and similar wild abandon!  My late-winter cravings include:

A summertime morning walk on the campus of my Alma Mater
(Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana)

Vacation! (Taken while visiting New York's Finger Lakes Region in 2010)

Tulips in bloom (Windsor, Canada--May 2011)

Patio bliss...

Flower and herb gardening (catnip in my flower garden--2012)

Going on a picnic (of sorts)

A wildly exotic splurge...
(Saw these featured on Etsy--are they "too much" leopard?  Is there such a thing???)

A sojourn to a botanical garden (Taken June 2012 at Schedel Gardens)

Sandal wearing

Being outdoors without a coat!!!

What is it you are craving on this late winter day?  Please share!

Joy and peace.  T.

Friday, March 15, 2013

How to Rule Like a Queen...

Queen.  The mere word conjures thoughts of regal elegance, and marks the pinnacle of female leadership.

Ever watch the movie Elizabeth?  Through her graceful, decisive, and dignified demeanor, Cate Blanchett embodied queenliness playing the role of Queen Elizabeth.

Marianne Williamson presents fabulous insights on the subject of queenhood in her fabulous book, A Woman's Worth:   "To be a princess is to play at life.  To be a queen is to be a serious player.  Audrey Hepburn was a queen.  Barbara Jordan is a queen. Gloria Steinem is a queen. Most of us are a little of both.  The purpose of life is to ascend to the throne and rule with heart."

Shared below are my thoughts on how to rule like a queen.  They are taken from my art journal (April 5, 2010):

Like a queen,
I rule my own kingdom.
Deciding its fate with every decision I make.
With a tierra on my head, scepter in hand, and seated on my throne,
I vow to rule with passion, mindfulness and with my values in the forefront.

Happy Friday, Queens!  Joy and peace.  T.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Photos: March Adorations

Photo collage celebrating the approaching arrival of spring 
(via Photo Collage Creator app)

A few things I'm adoring (so far) this month...

The first sign of spring=tulips sprouting in my own flower garden!

Tabitha begging for a belly rub (I obliged--of course!)

Spring decor sprinkled throughout my home

Inspirational words via Maya Angelou (adore her!)

Treasured spring decoration once owned by my grandmother 

Basket of marble eggs displayed in my foyer

Chris Guillebeau's book, The $100 Startup...

Lunching, yesterday, at a French cafe' in Dublin (Ohio)

What are you adoring this month?  Would love to hear about it!  

Joy and peace!  T.