Friday, March 1, 2013

My Sweet March Dreams

An art journal collage dedicated to this sweet new month!

It’s a new month.  I’d say “with new dreams,” but I can’t.  A few of my dreams I’ve carried over from last month...and...I’m totally at ease with this.  

You see, my monthly dreams are merely that—dreams.  They are the things I aspire to do within a given month.  Yet, I know life simply happens sometimes (case in point: the month of February (sigh)).  

With that all being said, I’m sharing my March dreams. Some are unique to this month.  Others have gently been carried forward from February.  The nice thing about dreams is that I can deem them as being pleasant--whether they materialize in the timeframe I initially established or not. 

My March 2013 Dreams:
What are your dreams for this month?  Please share!

Joy, peace and sweet dreams!  T.