Friday, March 15, 2013

How to Rule Like a Queen...

Queen.  The mere word conjures thoughts of regal elegance, and marks the pinnacle of female leadership.

Ever watch the movie Elizabeth?  Through her graceful, decisive, and dignified demeanor, Cate Blanchett embodied queenliness playing the role of Queen Elizabeth.

Marianne Williamson presents fabulous insights on the subject of queenhood in her fabulous book, A Woman's Worth:   "To be a princess is to play at life.  To be a queen is to be a serious player.  Audrey Hepburn was a queen.  Barbara Jordan is a queen. Gloria Steinem is a queen. Most of us are a little of both.  The purpose of life is to ascend to the throne and rule with heart."

Shared below are my thoughts on how to rule like a queen.  They are taken from my art journal (April 5, 2010):

Like a queen,
I rule my own kingdom.
Deciding its fate with every decision I make.
With a tierra on my head, scepter in hand, and seated on my throne,
I vow to rule with passion, mindfulness and with my values in the forefront.

Happy Friday, Queens!  Joy and peace.  T.