Friday, March 8, 2013

Thoughts on Creatively Building Your Wardrobe

It’s only been in the last few years that I’ve realized my wardrobe is an expression of my creativity.  Truly, it is—every bit as much as collaging, writing or decorating my home.  Embracing fashion as a creative pursuit has added to the quality of my life.  It’s challenged me to creatively do less with more, define my own authentic style, and affords me yet another way to reconnect with self-expression daily. 

Over time, I’ve realized there’s a secret to building a great wardrobe.  Interestingly, it has very little to do with the latest fashion trends, how many pieces of clothing are in my closet or the newness of what’s there.  What matters is that I have certain classic staple pieces--that are of decent quality—sufficient enough to last me for a measurable period of time.  Those quality staple pieces can certainly be second hand if they’re in mint condition—like the vintage Michael Kors wool dress featured above (and worn, in this photo, as a jumper). 

Post the quality staple pieces, I sprinkle in what I call a dose of “chic cheap.”  For example, the cotton turtleneck also pictured above, was purchased at Target for less than $10.  Thrift and consignment shop pieces also provide another opportunity to exercise the concept of chic cheap.

You see, the juxtaposition between quality and chic cheap is the real key to a fab wardrobe.  My boots are Nine West (clearance item, BTW), but my sunnies were a dollar store purchase.  This strategy gives my wardrobe character, allows me to be fiscally prudent and presents me with an opportunity to experience creative fun in pulling a look all together.  Besides that—infusing doses of cheap with quality is a very French way to style (according to Ines de la Fressange, author of Parisian Chic: A Style Guide). 

Do you infuse chic cheap into your wardrobe?  Would love to hear how!

Joy, peace and Happy Friday!  T.