Monday, March 4, 2013

Fab Resources for Dream-Seeking Women

Art journal collage created this weekend...

Confession time... My "All I Want This Weekend" list wasn't utilized this past few days.  I didn't read (as previously planned). Didn't work on my book proposal (a biggie on this weekend's "to do" list)...

Nope.  Instead, I napped. I turned in earlier, each evening, than normal. I browsed a few local shops; purchased a vintage blouse. Blogged a bit. Decorated the house for spring. Collaged in my art journal.

And, despite the fact that there's a tinge of "uh oh," afoot; I'm basically okay with it all.  You see, I'm learning to gently ease myself a bit more these days--all the while--not letting go of what it is I truly want. Besides that, my actions were all healthy and organic (meaning: I did what my Wise Self led me to do). I may not yet understand how/why; nevertheless, I know there's value in this weekend's activities and inactivities.

Sure, I need to understand my resistance to working on my book proposal a bit more...  And, no, I don't want to abandon my dream of writing a second book... But, Sunday morning enjoying my java, while catching up on inbox reading, I came across three fabulous posts from other bloggers that I wanted to share.  They seemed to speak to me, personally--each one of them.  They served to further direct me along my path by encouraging a mix of self-compassion with focus. Perhaps, they will do the same for others as well.  Although each message is somewhat different, there's true value in each of them.

1) Jen Louden's "Are Expectations Killing You?" This one's a sound reminder that gentleness with ourselves is where it's at!!!

2) Tara Sophia Mohr's "Are You Saying Yes to This?" Lovely encouragement for women who want to "play big" and bring their messages/gifts into the world.

3) Leonie Dawson's "4 Commandments of Creating: How Not To Freak Out, F... It Up or Flounder Your Magical Idea" Heads up--this one does contain a few expletives (doesn't phase me, but I like to alert my reader friends in the event it would them).  Anyway... Leonie's guidelines are clear, firm, decisive and spot on.  There's some good stuff here! 

I hope these resources resonate with you as they did me.  Feel free to share your thoughts on the issue of inertia.  It seems to be one several of us are grappling with at this time!

Joy and peace.  T.