Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Answering the Wise Self’s Call…

My art journal is a place where I often pay homage to my Wise Self!

She’s at it again (smile).  I’m speaking of my Wise Self; that still, calm presence deep within who, with her loving nudges and whispers, leads me to live more authentically, creatively and well.  It’s taken some time, but I’ve learned how very critical it is to fully trust her; never discount the knowledge she brings me.

As of late, I’ve felt this reoccurring “itch” to do certain things.  I know it’s just my Wise Self encouraging me—urging me onward.  Making note of it all; in due time, I will proceed in scratching (no pun intended) these various, assorted desires off my list.  At this point, all noted below are certainly on my radar:
·      Redecorate/reorganize my home office;
·      Replace the ottoman in the master bedroom;
·      Redecorate my work office;
·      Finalize the concept for my second book, Tickled Pink Woman;
·      Further weed out my wardrobe closet (This one is a bit perplexing to me since I just reorganized my closet this past spring!);
·      Explore freelance article writing for women’s publications;
·      Write a letter of encouragement to my uncle;
·      Find meaningful ways to recognize dear girlfriends who served as inspirations for my first book;
·      Send postcards to friends who have been in mind, recently; and
·      Check out the new yoga studio that opened locally.

What is it you are itching to do?  Please do share!  T.