Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Learning to Barter with Myself

Can you guess what deal I made with myself?

Following last Sunday’s breakfast on the patio, I found myself lingering there much longer than normal.  From my shaded haven, I enjoyed fresh air, sunshine, perfect temps, and scads of natural beauty.  Quite simply, I didn’t want to leave it.  To do’s beckoned, though (actually, it felt more like a demand than a beckon).  Namely, that morning’s planned tasks were to: 1) draft Thursday’s speech for my Toastmasters’ gathering; and 2) finalize the agenda and materials for an art journaling workshop I volunteered to conduct during the local Girl Power Tween Camp next month.

What made the morning extraordinary was the deal I made with myself: to continue enjoying the outdoors by moving my laptop onto the patio table, and working from there, rather in than my home office.  Turned out to be quite a tradeoff!  Not only was I able to continue enjoying my precious outdoor time, I ended up having a very productive morning; one that felt almost effortless to me.  Actually, the rest of the day seemed to flow pretty smoothly as well.  Another bonus:  two previously-looming projects were completed; which felt so good! 

In my efforts to loosen the reins a bit (will explain more later this week), self-bartering is something I definitely plan to do more of.   Are there any other self-wheeler-dealers out there?  If so, I’d love to hear from you!  T.