Friday, June 15, 2012

Giving Thanks for R&R Insights

R&R is always well-deserved!

This past few weeks have been a bit work-ridden…  Not only due to responsibilities associated with the 9 to 5, but during those hours I normally carve out for beloved personal time.  As I wrap up a worthwhile freelance project (which occupied a noted portion of one weekend and many of my evenings the last couple of weeks), it feels good to reflect on those recent instances when I granted myself much-needed moments of rest and relaxation (taking daily lunch breaks, enjoying an evening off to savor an art gallery reception/exhibit and dinner out, keeping to my normal exercise routines, journal writing before bedtime, a cherished half hour creating with my art journal, infusing tea and stretch breaks into my freelance work sessions…).  My biggest takeaway: I am thankful for my own understanding of how very essential these peaceful, rejuvenating actions would be for my well-being—prior to me ever embarking upon them.

There was a time in my life (as recently as 10 years ago), that I often worked nonstop; without any regard to my own needs and wants. You see, a few years back, there was this personal perception that I always had to push myself—as far as I could. 

These days, much has changed. As I’ve come to trust my own self’s inner whisperings and listen more often to what my body advises me it requires, those days have begun to dwindle significantly. I strive to always put my best foot forward. However, giving my best includes my adherence to balances.  For me, this change is not an issue of slowing down.  Quite simply, it is about living well.  And, happily, I’m no longer embarrassed to do so!

Below, are a few pics I snapped, last week, during a sacred outdoor lunch break taken one exceptionally to-do-ridden day (And, yes, I had a chocolate-banana soy smoothie in hand!).  These short, albeit relished, little moments of zen (along with my own insights to engage in them) are what I most remember about these busy past few workday weeks (smile).

Wishing you a restful, relaxing day!  T.