Saturday, June 30, 2012

Uncertainty: May It Make Me Stronger

Vacationing, last year, with Mark in Nassau

As mentioned before, uncertainty and me...we don't mix well.  My attempts to be more flexible (in terms of plan adherence) have received a world-class testing this past week.  Tomorrow, we are set to depart for a getaway; flying into Denver, staying in Boulder, and journeying to various points in the area. 

Despite the fires raging out west, we have chosen not to put the brakes on our trip; understanding there might be the possibility our initial plans might need to change at a moment's notice.  My creative attempts to craft the perfect “Plan B” haven't come together so well, either.  When I first learned about evacuations in Boulder, my new plan was to fly into Denver; then venture south into New Mexico to check out Taos and Santa Fe.  The fires appear to be cropping up there as well, though. 

How I prefer to dedicate my energies, right now, is to send out safe, healing thoughts to those who live and work in these devastated areas.  They are the ones facing the real challenges—not me.  Perhaps, life will open up in a whole new way for us (next week) that we had not initially envisioned when we planned our Colorado trip some months ago.  

In the meantime, I’m hanging in (maybe not as loosely as I could be, but more so than ever before).  I will continue to post to the blog next week, and plan to publish "vacay" photos (from wherever we end up) on the Tickled Pink Woman Facebook page (If you haven't "liked" the TPW Facebook page yet, please do!).  Joy & peace, T.