Friday, June 1, 2012

June's Dreams...

June's dreams...sketched into my beloved art journal!

Ah, June!  She holds the honor of claiming the year’s longest day, hosts the daylilies’ peak blooming season, and elegantly draws open the curtain (officially) on summertime.  I adore this month! 

Since launching Tickled Pink! last March, I have showcased my personal goals at the top of each month (to peruse past months’ goals, click herehere and here).  In the beginning, it felt strange doing so, but I’m glad I have continued this activity.  For starters, the practice has held me to task--made me more accountable.  But, even more exciting, several women reading this blog have told me they have been inspired to write their own goals out each month as a result (A huge, “Yay!!!”).  In that spirit, I happily unveil my June dreams. 

June Dreams
  • Treat myself to a mani + pedi
  • Get inspired at: “Visions and Voices: Two Prairie Women” photography and poetry gallery exhibition reception (support talented friend’s artistry)
  • Buy + re-read Robin Fisher Roffer’s “Make a Name for Yourself
  • Go hiking
  • Read + journal with Lynne Franks’ “Bloom
  • Read Alexandra Stoddard’s “Living a Beautiful Life
  • Mindfully take a stroll @ Simpson Garden Park
  • Spend an enjoyable weekend in Columbus with family
  • Prepare agenda for July art journaling workshop presentation for Girl Power Tween Camp
  • Attend Zonta Summer Solstice Wine Soiree (fine food + wine + silent auction + warm fellowship + benefits Zonta’s Women’s Scholarship Program = LOVE it!)
  • Enjoy an artist’s date
  • Participate as a Senior Corps Peer Grants Reviewer
  • Finalize vacation plans, packing list
  • Visit Schedel Gardens (and savor it all!)
  • Read + journal with Gail McMeekin’s “12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women Journal
  • Participate in Gail McMeekin 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women Online Journal Forum
  • Attend/participate in Toastmasters
  • Develop a plan to launch a Tickled Pink Woman podcast
Yes, June has graced us with her ultra-chic presence!  Here’s wishing you the best one yet!  T.