Friday, June 8, 2012

Safe + Secure = Confining

I like feeling safe and secure.  Quite frankly; who doesn’t?  Over time, however, I grew to like it far too much.  You see, feeling safe has oftentimes kept me from pursuing what I really wanted in life.  That's right.  It was much easier, for me to exist; rather uneventfully, than it was to face rejection or (Dare I say it?) failure. 

But, 2012 is the self-proclaimed year of living my life without regret.  As a result, I have begun making changes.  For example, I am now establishing monthly goals that are regularly revisited for progress.  And, I’m tackling the things that I want so badly to do, yet still feel so very uncomfortable to me (e.g. public speaking vis-à-vis Toastmasters). 

Okay… There’s no way to know if my participation in Toastmasters will improve my public speaking skills.  I have to believe it will though—if I fully participate—truly put my best foot forward... At least, I will have tried; which is much less regrettable than have never done so.

Writing and assessing my personal goals each month, though; well…that works.  This, I can say having just completed my fifth month of consistently engaging in the practice.  Writing monthly personal goals (and thereafter monitoring for progress made) has forced me to step out of the illusionary comfort zone I’ve enjoyed for far too long. 

The gift is found in my newfound realization that the cocoon isn’t quite as cozy as I once fancied it to be.  I have discovered that being a butterfly means I chart my own course, consistently venture into glorious new realms, and assuredly climb higher each day.  And, believe me, I’m realizing that is much, much better that the limited confinement I experienced for far too long in the “safe and secure” cocoon. 

As stated, so eloquently, in a fave, vintage Elton John tune, “Butterflies are free to fly…”  With that in mind, join in with me and let’s get ready to soar!  T.