Friday, March 30, 2012

Vowing to Live a Life of No Regrets


This girl doesn’t make New Year’s Resolutions—not sure I ever have, really.  For 2012, though, I  established a theme to help guide me for the next 12 months. That theme is simply:  “No Regrets.” 

Based upon these first three months of 2012, this little motto might be allowed an encore in 2013.  Since January, many of my journal entries (both written and art), affirmations, and meditations, have centered upon my focus to live without regrets.  As a result, I’ve found that, this year, a notable number of my actions and decisions mirror my objective as well. 

Two things seem to be in play, here:  intention (affirmations, etc.) and follow through (actions).   My intentions, thus far this year, have been strong and ever present.  So, I have to believe they can take sizable credit for the more abundant, tastier results enjoyed as of late.

Below are my three strongest reflections on living life without regrets.  There is obviously some overlap between all three of them.  Perhaps, some of these will speak to you as well.

Never hesitate to use my voice:  Whether it’s to tell someone how much I appreciate them, to publish my views or hold boundary lines, my voice is a gift I use without hesitation.  Too many regrets in my life have come from not speaking up.  This year, I am giving my voice license to freely practice (mindfully, of course)!  And, I can honestly say, I’ve not regretted doing so.

Make life fun:  No, I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions.  But, I do craft quarterly personal goals (I establish professional ones as well, but I’ve done this without a problem for years.)  Personal goals are the ones that enhance my quality of life.  For example, a quarter’s goals might include reading an autobiography, launching a blog, volunteering for a near + dear cause, spending a weekend afternoon journaling in bed or visiting a newly-opened winery.  Even my journal entries will often include snippets of how I can sprinkle fun throughout the coming day.  Having fun each day is crucial, and should never be something reserved solely for weekends, vacation or holidays! All I can say about 2012 so far is that…it’s been fun!

Choose love over fear:  Fear of consequence has held me back for far too many years.  Do I deserve this (rest, indulgence, time for stillness, etc.)?  What will others think?  Will I offend someone by stating my opinion?  This sort of thinking is purely fear-based.  What I now prefer to do is choose love—self-love that is!  When I make decisions that nurture and benefit me, I select love over fear.  And, I am happy to report that there’s been a whole lot of lovin’ going on as of late!

I would love to hear if any of these reflections call out to you as well.  BTW, how’s your 2012 going so far?  My hope is that it’s been Zen, elegant and laden with pink pride!  T.