Monday, March 26, 2012

Taking a Stand in a Pair of Pink Tights

What connection does a pair of pink tights have with being more assertive, confident, creative and self-nurturing?  Scads!!!

A few years ago, I purchased an adorable pair of white Calvin Klein jeans at a clearance sale.  I so could no wait to wear them, either!  Problem was it was after Labor Day (huge sigh!). 

But, guess what?  After a bit of thought, I rocked them anyway; pairing the "controversial" item of my desire with a pair of black boots, a black turtleneck and black/white houndstooth jacket.  How can I possibly remember this?  It is because this turned out to be a “breakout” outfit for me. 

Wearing that pair of white jeans post Labor Day forced me to be confident enough to do what I wanted; without worry over others’ opinion of me.  Fashion faux pas or not, I felt like a million bucks wearing them!  As a result, I’ve broken a variety of fashion and other assorted “rules” since that time; feeling great about it each and every time!

More recently, I’ve been color blocking with tights (in a variety of hues and patterns—including leopard print!).  No one else, where I work, is doing this, yet. But, that’s fine with me.  I do.! My colorful, patterned tights let me mix up my wardrobe creatively.  They also allow me to make a statement—take a stand on my own behalf—without ever saying a word. 

How can you layer your life with more of what you want to do versus what others might expect you should do?  Would love to hear about it!  T.