Thursday, March 8, 2012

No Longer Child's Play

As you can see from the photo above, I loved playing dress up as a child.  More recently, I’ve rediscovered this passion.  In fact, I consider it one of my newest self-care items!

One of my favorite quotes is from author Alexandra Stoddard.  This enlightened femme wrote, “Make living as an art your quest, your personal mission.”  When you subscribe to the belief that life is art, special care is taken to express yourself—through your dress, the causes you champion, the environments you occupy, the actions you take, what you say, etc., etc., etc. 

Not so many years ago, I viewed the task of deciding what to wear, each day, as a necessary chore.  Once I realized that my wardrobe selections offered me another way to live authentically and artistically, playing dress up has become a cherished passion! 

And…believe it or not I’m not a clotheshorse.  One of the most gratifying aspects of crafting my wardrobe choices is creating new ways to pair items in my closet or style them in newly found ways.   

Carve out time, weekly, to try that vintage beige sheath dress on with various types of accessories.  Scarves, belts, and vintage jewelry pieces, when paired with a clothing piece, can give that one item many different looks. 

So, pour yourself a goblet of sparkling water, light a few candles, turn on the vintage jazz tunes and…dress up.  It’s truly an exercise in letting your inner artist come out to play!  T.