Monday, March 5, 2012

My Sketch for Living "Tickled Pink"

Welcome!  My name is Tina Bradley.  I am tickled pink that you have joined me, today! My blog was designed to celebrate all things feminine, Zen and graceful--mirroring my quest to live life more pinkly, mindfully, elegantly and authentically. 

After scads of reflection, I’ve crafted a sketch for what living tickled pink means to me. Perhaps some or all of it will speak to you as well.

My Sketch for Living “Tickled Pink”

  • Live my life mindfully, elegantly & authentically.
  • Always establish an intention before embarking on special endeavors (e.g. yoga class, solo moi dates, etc.). 
  •  Affirm daily.  
  • Build community. 
  • Honor & trust my intuition. 
  • Let my creativity come out to play each day.  
  • No less than quarterly, engage in at least one personal growth activity (retreat, class, e-course, teleseminar, etc.). 
  • Meditate regularly. 
  • Read to feed the mind. 
  • Engage in at least one soul massage daily: light candles, enjoy bath soaks, savor walks in nature, write my journal, enjoy my own company, see beauty everywhere. 
  • Practice yoga. 
  • Consistently, put my best foot forward. 
  • In all things, seek quality over quantity.

Treat the time you spend here as a special date that you make with yourself.  With that in mind: pick yourself a bouquet of flowers, light a scented candle, slather on the confidence cream, slip into your favorite little black dress…and, let’s get tickled pink!