Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Mindful Midweek Pick-Me-Up

One evening last week, I resolved to make the next day’s lunch break something special—a mini artist’s date of sorts—to boost my mid-week spirits.  The challenge I gave myself was to engage in the experience as fully as possible…

After grabbing a chocolate banana smoothie (I so heart!) from Starbuck’s, I decided to check out our town’s newest thrift shop.  I brought along a few remaining items from last week’s closet cleaning adventures and dropped them off for donation.  While there, I had a pleasant conversation with the woman who manages the shop.  Plus, I picked up another strand of black beads for $1.50 (center strand pictured above). As you can see, I love to layer the strands!

Before I headed back into the office, I decided to treat myself to a java from a great local coffee shop/used bookstore.  And, I gave myself permission to do a wee bit of book browsing there, too (which I doubly enjoyed!).

In terms of the challenge I’d established for myself…  Okay, I’m not yet as mindfully present as I’d like to be, but—all in all, I didn’t do badly! The true moral of the story is that I intentionally bundled a few occurrences that could have been non-meaningful into a treasured experience that truly fed my soul.  And, I sought to do so in a fully-present state of mind.

What’s your plan for mid-week pick-me-up?  And, will you be enjoying it mindfully? T.