Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Let the Blossoming Begin!

 In full bloom=beautiful!

Ah, springtime…  The season of rebirth, growth, and yes, blossoming galore!

With all this glory comes remarkable change—the type only made possible by the presence of a more nurturing environment.   When pondering the above further, then, applying it to my own life; two thoughts become pretty clear to me:  change (although often unwelcome, initially) can yield luxurious results AND a nurturing environment is one where positive change is most likely to occur.

In anticipation of this new season of splendor, I’ve spent a fair amount of time reflecting on how I can (during one of the busiest times in my professional life) bring about the changes necessary for me to grow and flourish, personally.  This is key because I believe that indulging in the luxury of quiet time and reflection is where needed answers are born.  These precious moments allow me to not only replenish my body, mind and spirit; they lead me to understand what path I must take to make my dreams reality. 

Here is what this budding flower has concluded:  My own self-care must first take precedence before I can bloom to my fullest potential.  As a result, my monthly personal goals (even though some of them are challenging and hefty) have been crafted to be fun, broken into bite-sized morsels, holistically beneficial and sure-to-please when achieved.  This month, my dreams (aka goals) have run the gamut from launching this blog--to buying and reading selected self-improvement texts--to enjoying a spa mani and pedi--to participating in several personal development courses (two teleclasses + one webinar)--to savoring an artist’s date with myself--to tackling a major closet cleaning project.  Yay!

Metaphorically, what changes need to take place for you to blossom?  And, how can you create the self-nurturing environment to make it happen?  Please share!  T.