Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Let the Bright In!

A bouquet of daffodils on my 
workplace desk=a spot of sunshine indoors.

For now, spring certainly seems to have sprung!  The days have been unseasonably warm and sunny.  Flowers are blooming, trees are budding and birds are chirping.  Yet, a week from now, who knows?  Cool, gray and rainy days could easily settle in for a spell.  Unfortunately, that sometimes brings a shift in spirits...

Here are some of my favorite ways to infuse bright into any day—despite the weather or any other array of setbacks encountered:
  • Buy yourself flowers.  Any variety will do, but for instant shine, you can’t go wrong with yellow (it’s like bringing the sunshine indoors!).  And, this time of year, who can resist a fresh arrangement of bright-yellow tulips or daffodils? 
  • Light candles.  Although it’s not something I am able to do at the 9 to 5, I frequently engage in the lighting of candles at home: while cooking, bathing, housecleaning, creating art, writing, relaxing, practicing yoga, meditating, etc., etc., etc.  Candlelight is an elegant, calming practice that makes any occasion (even mopping the kitchen floor) special.  For years, I’ve established an intention every time I light candles.  It’s my way to welcome in joy, memorable moments, serenity…or whatever else I wish to manifest.
  • Slip into some sparkle.  Even though it’s sunny as I write this, I’ve done this very thing today by sporting a vintage strand of beaded crystals.  Yesterday (also sunny), I slipped on a pair of bejeweled flats to accompany an all-black skirt + shirt ensemble.  Sparkling adornments make any wardrobe selection fun, vivid and festive!
  • Savor something tropical.  Doing so is a yummy way to healthily brighten any day. Add sliced kiwi fruit to your salad.  Sip coconut water.  Drink water embellished with fresh lemon or lime.  Snack on grapefruit. Try something new or rarely-eaten:  star fruit, papaya, mango, fresh pineapple…  Delicious!
  • Sprinkle glitter throughout your world.  No, I don’t mean literally (smile).  Rather, brighten others’ day as well as yours by fully engaging in the conversations you are a part of.  Take the time to thank someone for their efforts.  Write a friend a letter.  Carve out quality time to play with your child or pet.  Slip a card or handmade gift into your beloved’s briefcase.  In essence, when sprinkling the glitter, you are lighting it up! ;)

How will you let the bright in, today?  My shades and sunscreen are already in hand!  T.