Thursday, January 31, 2013

Why I’m Also Sporting Black on Wear Red Day

Wear Red Day is February 1, 2013.  Will you please join me?

Three years ago, I became a Go Red for Women ambassador for the American Heart Association (AHA) Northwest Ohio.  AHA defines the movement as “...a passionate, emotional, social initiative designed to empower women to take charge of their heart health as well as band together and collectively wipe out heart disease. It challenges women to know their risk for heart disease and use the tools that that Go Red For Women provides to take action to reduce their personal risk.

As a Go Red for Women ambassador, I alert policy makers on issues related to heart healthiness, and help raise the public’s awareness of the Go Red for Women campaign. When possible, I also attend local Go Red events, some of which raise funds for AHA.

The snapshot below (Yes, I’m the blond in the back row...) is from the 2011 Go Red photo shoot--resulting in various television spots and billboard ads, locally.  All served to promote the Go Red for Women effort.

Photo courtesy of American Heart Association Northwest Ohio

Several things initially drew me to the Go Red For Women initiative. You see, one in three women suffer from heart disease, and at that time, I could totally relate: I had lost my beloved grandmother a few years earlier as a result of heart disease. My mother had recently been diagnosed with a heart arrhythmia, and my mother-in-law was suffering from congestive heart disease. This past fall, my volunteer efforts took on added meaning for me--following my lovely, fifty-year old sister-in-law’s untimely death from stroke.

Tomorrow (Friday, February 1) is national Wear Red Day. It’s a fabulous way to raise awareness even further.  I’m wearing a favorite red cardigan of mine--even donning it with a chic red belt and AHA red dress sparkle pin I recently purchased.

This year, however, I’m pairing my cherished red wardrobe pieces with a classic black (rather than red) dress.  Here’s why:

I’m sporting my red + black it in memory of my Mamaw (Irene).  I’m doing it for my mother (Carol), who now has a pacemaker. Dedicating it to my mother-in-law (Virginia), whose health has declined so significantly--as a result of congestive heart failure--that she is now totally bed-ridden. And, with sadness still heavy in my heart, I’m wearing both black and red on February 1 following the death of my dear sister-in-law (Becky). I do it passionately--for it is my way to share with other women 
why heart healthiness is so very, very important. 

Perhaps, you will join me in my quest tomorrow to raise awareness about women’s heart health.  I sure hope so!

Love & peace.  T.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Art Journal How To: For the Love of Tissue Paper

Whisper thin and pliable, it makes my heart go a flutter (wink!).  I have a huge stack of the stuff—in varying shades and patterns, and love getting creative with it. 

“What?” you ask—am I talking about?  It's tissue paper I'm referring to--and I utterly adore using it in my art journal.

And, guess what? I’ve not had to purchase a bit of it.  Nope! I save all the tissue paper that comes to me via gift bags, wrapped store purchases, shipped packages, etc. Got a nice little stash, too!

Below are some of my most beloved ways to incorporate tissue paper into my art journal:

Paint onto the tissue paper!
How to: Ball up a sheet of tissue paper (in order to crinkle it a bit).  

Next, glue the tissue onto the art journal page. Then, paint over it.

Add a tissue page into the art journal.
How to: First, apply a glue stick along a page crease.

Then, write and/or collage onto it. 
It's also a great place to display printed info from other sources.

Use tissue as a background for collages.  
How to: Glue a sheet of tissue paper onto the journal page, and add images to it.

Create tissue flowers to adorn the pages of your art journal.

How to:  Simply “ball up” or roll a small piece of tissue paper. Then, play with it a bit—in order to fashion a flower-like item that can be glued into your art journal.  There’s no right or wrong to this!  Flowers are all unique—just like your tissue paper floral creations (smile).

 Do you use tissue paper in your art journaling endeavors?  Please share your insights!

Joy & peace! T.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

“Found” Fashionable Treasures

More about this "found" treasure is featured below...

Over the years, I've “found” a treasure or two within my own house--sometimes buried amongst my own possessions.  Here are a few of my fave "found" treasures:

Husband’s silver ID bracelet that no longer fits him.  Does me, tho’ (smile).

Sweet ring gifted to me in the 1980’s
(Found when tidying up my jewelry box--forgot I had it!)

Son’s outgrown Tommy Hilfiger quilted vest (just my size!)

Lovely gold + cameo locket I found while digging in my flower garden

Do you have any “found” treasures?  I’m guessing you might.  If so, I would absolutely adore hearing about them!

Joy & peace!  T.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Looking Back=Benefits: February 2012 Dreams...

February 2012's dreams...sketched into my art journal...

Sometimes, it's good to look back... See where I was... Understand what I've done... Use it to learn, grow and celebrate a bit...

At the time my February 2012's dreams were sketched, I hadn't even launched this blog yet.  I was about to, though... Yup, it was the dreaming, pre-planning and efforts which took place in February 2012 (and several months beforehand) that made this blog's launch (in early March 2012) all possible. 

It's fascinating to look back at what my dreams were nearly one year ago.  It is also useful--as I have even borrowed a few of these in crafting my February 2013 dreams (to be published this Friday on the blog!).  

Here's what I dreamed of doing last year at this time, my February 2012 dreams:
  • Don red on 2/3;
  • Teleclass on 2/7;
  • Teleclass follow-up;
  • Savor moi day 2/20;
  • Half-day artist's date;
  • Mini artist's date;
  • Buy Lynne Franks' books;
  • Buy bath salts + tea lights (for luxurious soaks in the tub--no doubt!);
  • Read Alexandra Stoddard's Living in Love;
  • Work on blog launch;
  • Get a massage;
  • Buy myself a piece of vintage jewelry;
  • Do something special for myself on 2/3;
  • Read Christine Arylo's Madly in Love with Me Guidebook;
  • Teleclass 2/22;
  • Treat myself to a latte;
  • Sport my vintage black lace dress with gifted cashmere cardigan;
  • Volunteer at Zonta Club Chili Cook-off;
  • Color block with tights (a new endeavor last year--something I do frequently + comfortably these days!);
  • Lunch break @ BGSU; and
  • Read Sue Patton Thoele's Courage to be Yourself: A Woman's Guide to Emotional Strength and Self-Esteem.
What about you?  Do you ever look back at your dreams from an earlier time or reread your journal?  Please let me know.  Would relish hearing about it!

Hugs & peace!  T.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Tickled Pink Woman Podcast: Episode #10

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Tickled Pink Woman Podcast Show Notes:
Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hello and welcome to Episode 10 of the Tickled Pink Woman podcast, a woman’s celebration of self.  The focus of today’s podcast: Meditation.

My muse on meditation…

I. Why I meditate:
·      Greater sense of focus
·      Feel more at ease
·      Find myself being overall more mindful
·      Blissfulness

II.My meditation story…
·      From the beginning to the present…
·      a relevant passage I came across a few days ago--while reading Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity (p.14)

The benefits of meditation:
Read a passage from Paul Wilson’s The Calm Technique: Meditation without Magic or Mysticism (p.19)

1)Three-part yogic breathing (via Kimberly Wilson’s Hip Tranquil Chick: A Guide to Life On and Off the Yoga Mat (p. 32)
2) What to think about during meditation? (via Kimberly Wilson’s Tranquilista: Mastering the Art of Enlightened Work and Mindful Play) (p. 8)
3) Excerpts from my art journal…
4) Guided mediations versus “going it alone” (Possible resource: Kimberly Wilson’s CD Tranquility to Go

Pinking Shears: Ways to take today’s concepts away and tailor them for your needs! 

Spend at least five minutes at least three days this coming week in meditation.

Rosy Resources: For those who want to explore today’s topic a bit further, check out:

·      Kimberly Wilson’s CD Tranquility to Go

Tickled Pink Woman Promo: If you enjoyed today’s podcast, I hope you will join me on my blog it’s a great source for added inspiration and it is where today’s show notes will be housed:  Connect with me on Twitter (@TickledPinkTina), Like Tickled Pink Woman on Facebook and join me on Instagram (  Check out my book, Eternal Presents: Accepting and Using the Precious, Intangible Gifts Others Give Us on Amazon and Etsy!   Check out my MP3 + accompanying e-workbook: No Regrets & Self-authored: Making Your Dreams Real…The Tickled Pink Woman Way.  It’s a mini retreat that sets forth my tips on establishing a guiding mantra and making dreams real and it’s found in my Etsy shop (Tickled Pink Woman).

I’d love to hear your thoughts about the blog and podcasts.  Email me at or snail mail me: Tina Bradley, Post Office Box 289, Bowling Green, OH  43402.

Thank you for joining me on today’s episode of the Tickled Pink Woman podcast. Hope you’ll join me this week on the blog! Joy & peace!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Recently Made Me Smile...

Sharing, today, a few things that recently made me smile...

Friday’s unexpected snowfall...

 A Tickled Pink Woman blog post getting published in Lifelong Learning Netpaper...

 Pairing a Betsey Johnson vintage belt with a toasty-warm sweater vest...

Being featured as a “model” in a Tranquility du Jour blog post...
 No, it's not this photo that was featured... Click link above to find out which one was!

Layering the arm pretties...

Friday eve date night, downtown, with Mark...

Recent purchase: second-hand Longaberger basket (used to house my sunnies)...

What recently made you smile?  I would so adore hearing about it! 

Joy + peace + hugs, T.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Transformative Reads...

Three books that have been transformative to me!

An age-old public service announcement proclaiming, “Reading is fundamental!”  used to frequently grace the airwaves. As an avid reader, it's a message I agree with—wholeheartedly.

Reading is something else, though; it’s transformative—or, at least, it sure can be.  Ever read something that made a real difference in your life? Brought about long-term, positive change? Encouraged you to pursue a call? Forced you to look at something differently?

For roughly 15 years now, I’ve read solely non-fiction--soaking up some really great stuff—as a result.  What’s uber fab is that I’m generally able to glean something useful from most everything I read.

A few books, though, I’d have to term as “transformative” as these reads have played an even greater role in in my life--resulting in positive change for the better.  Three books, most specifically, come to mind:

Louise Hay’s Empowering Women: Every Woman’s Guide to Successful Living:  This book introduced me to the healing art of self-affirmation.  More about my affirmation adoration is found in this past post.

(A Toltec Wisdom Book)Wow!  If anything has helped me to understand that others’ opinions of me aren’t my concern, this book has.  Yup, there’s a past post dedicated to this phenomenal read as well.

Kimberly Wilson's Hip Tranquil Chick: A Guide to Life On and Off the Yoga Mat:  This decidedly fun book brought me back to yoga and meditation (after being away from both for about ten years).  Living the yoga lifestyle (which is what this book is all about) has unlocked so much within my heart and soul--thus opening many added, wondrous doors for me.  Didn’t know about my passion for yoga?  Past posts are found here, here, here and here (Yes, indeed! When I say "passion," I mean it!).

What about you?  I know you’ve got to have transformative reads under your belt, too.  Would absolutely love to hear about them!

Joy, peace and happy Friday to you!  T.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Timeless Closet Treasures

This cashmere sweater is a timeless closet treasure...

My closet contains a few items I have continued to wear for many years.  These beloved pieces are timeless treasures to me! Having worn the lovely cashmere sweater featured both above and below, yesterday, I thought I’d share it and a few other “oldies but goodies” on the blog today...

Eddie Bauer cashmere sweater (18+ years old)

Wilson’s leather coat (nearly 25 years old)

Leather jacket purchased from a Spiegel outlet store (about 15 years old)

Avon gold clutch handbag (30+ years old!)

J.G. Hook cable knit turtleneck (purchased circa 1989)

Would ADORE hearing about any timeless treasures you enjoy sporting--year after year!  Joy & peace.  T.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Victories of Lifelong Learning!

Ah...the pages of my art journal...where learning is endless!

“We will be victorious if we have not forgotten how to learn.” –Rosa Luxemburg

With Ms. Rosa’s philosophy (featured above), I totally agree!  Several tenets for living a Tickled Pink lifestyle, support this.  Below, are added suggestions for continuous learning:
  • Read a non-fiction book;
  • Enroll in an e-course (currently, I'm taking two!);
  • Take a class (I attend yoga classes weekly.  Last spring, took watercolor painting classes!);
  • Engage in self-reflection (journal, art journal, sketch out your monthly dreams);
  • Create art (paint, collage, write, sew, crochet, bake, etc.);
  • Treat yourself to an artist’s date (Mine's scheduled for next week!);
  • Do something differently (e.g. take a different route to work tomorrow);
  • Undertake a project that’s totally new to you (For example: Never painted before? Buy acrylics and paint in your art journal);
  • Read one of your old journals (This one lends itself to solo time—complete with candle lighting, soft background music and tea sipping.). Afterwards, reflect; using your current journal;
  • Attend a retreat, or take yourself on a solo retreat (two great resources: Woman's Retreat Book: A Guide to Restoring, Rediscovering and Reawakening Your True Self -- In a Moment, An Hour, Or a Weekend  and The Way of the Happy Woman: Living the Best Year of Your Life);
  • Try something new (possible suggestions: watch a foreign film, sip pomegranate tea, dine at a vegan cafĂ©, don red lipstick, add eucalyptus essential oil to your bath water, buy + wear something emerald green...); and
  • Reconnect with your past (visit an elderly relative, wear your grandmother’s vintage brooch, pore over old family photo albums, engage in genealogy, etc.).
Joy, peace and continuous learning to you!  T.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day Off=Me, Reflecting about the Blog...

A scene from my bed...yesterday afternoon

It's not often that I'm at home, versus work, on a Monday (during daytime hours). Yesterday, I was, though. Accordingly, I did my best to accomplish a few writing "to do's," while also mixing in a bit of fun (a.k.a reading in bed)...

Currently, I'm enjoying (and, learning scads) from Britt Bravo's Juicy Blogging e-course.  Amidst my delicious reading in bed, yesterday, I decided to pull out my growth journal, and reflect on a few questions that were posed as part of the e-course's weekly assignment.  I wanted to share a few of these questions--as well as my responses...

Why do I blog? I blog in order to share my message of self-celebration to other women, inspire others, have an outlet for creative expression in written form, build a community of women traveling the same path I am, and hone my writing skills.

What are my blogging goals? My blogging goals are to become a better writer, build my blog's readership, and build a community of like-minded women.

Who are my ideal blog readers? women (age 20+), who seek additional personal growth, inspiration and fulfillment.

How does my blog fulfill my readers' needs? My blog serves as a place where readers can get inspired, relate to the concepts/views shared, explore new ideas, share their own insights, and gather to celebrate themselves.

Who are three real people symbolizing my idea readership? Who comes to mind are three actual readers that comment frequently on the blog. These women are insightful, creative, generate new thoughts/ideas and represent an age span of 20-50 (any age is welcome, though!).

Fellow (or even aspiring) bloggers, these are insightful questions to ponder.  This reflective exercise served to strengthen my sense of why I blog and what I blog about.  It's one I highly recommend!

Please let me know...  Am I fulfilling your needs as a reader of this blog?  Share your thoughts with me!

Joy & peace & a Happy Tuesday, All!  T.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Dreams: On Taking the First Step...

"Take the first step in faith.  You don't have to see the whole staircase.  
Just take the first step." --Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The pic above was taken about a year and a half ago.  At that time, I, myself, had already spent a few months taking a series of slow, deliberate steps.  All of which were dedicated to getting this blog launched.  In fact, it took me a few more months (beyond that point) of slowly plodding along before my blogging dream actually became a reality. 

Yes, it took me a while to climb those "stairs;" perhaps, longer than most.  At times, I couldn't see where I was headed (in other words, I couldn't see the figurative staircase as a whole).  Nevertheless, it was in taking those steps (one at a time) that I finally reached the top (so to speak...).  On March 5, I'll have marked the blog's first full year in existence.

Today, I'm enjoying a sacred day off from work.  I plan on spending a good deal of it in bed--reading.  Some of my time, however, will be spent in taking those first, faithful steps toward realizing another dream of mine: working on my book + crafting a book proposal.   This, too, has been a long, step-by-step process--one which requires me to understand the staircase is there--whether I see it yet or not.  At this point, I only need to trust that fact and keep moving forward.

Joy, peace and a reflective MLK holiday to you, T.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fresh Air + Mama Nature + Saving the Planet

Me--following yesterday's run in nature

What an absolutely gorgeous day it was, yesterday.  With temps in the upper 40's and the sun shining brightly, it felt more like mid-March than it did late January.  This--I simply adore!

Amidst yesterday's assorted plans, I savored scads of fresh air, connected with Mama Nature and did a bit of good for the planet.  My actions were rather impromptu, and yes, they were in response to my beloved Wise Self's insistence.

Post a breakfast date with Mark, I went for a solo, late-morning run outdoors.  Sunshine, fresh air, exercise and the ability to connect with natural beauty--what a gift I gave myself!  Although I've enjoyed several outdoor walks (as of late), I don't believe I've been for a run since late November. Oh, how I've missed this!

After a spot of writing, I spied a stack of books alongside my desk--several I laid aside to take to the used bookstore.  "No time like the present," I thought.  Besides that, I was itching for, yet another, opportunity to enjoy more of that luscious fresh air.  Stepping into my closet, to retrieve a jacket, a grabbed a bag of clothes I'd packed to take to a local consignment shop.

"Downtown, here I come," I mused.  It was only a couple miles' drive.  The quaint, artsy little college town where I live boasts a sweet downtown historic district.  So, it doesn't take much to get me there.  An added bonus: I was recycling both the books and clothing items (a.k.a. saving the planet), helping two independent, local businesses and earning in-store credits for books and consignment shop goodies (which, clearly, I love!).

With temps in the 20's this morning, yesterday's springlike escapades are merely memories, now.  They are decidedly fond ones, though.

Joy & peace! T.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fashion, Life Today & Sans Logic

A recent art journal collage pays homage to a fashion fave...

Sometimes, there's no clearcut theme--no aha to be found--no moral to the story.  Clearly, today's post fits tidily into this most illogical of categories.

Having only embraced the whole color blocking fad about a year ago, I now hear it's been eclipsed by the monochromatic look.  Yesterday, I made the decision to dive on in.  Sported a monochromatic ensemble into the office: cashmere cardigan sweater +  wool dress + tights + scarf + stilettos--all in black.  And...I have to admit...this style lent itself to a rather elegant feel...

Another thing I've recently admired online (and in magazines) is the pairing of a watch with a beaded bracelet (or six). So...I tried this look out on Friday as well.  Yet again, I enjoyed a fabulously lux vibe.  Obviously, this was also to my liking (smile).

As Saturday emerges, I pore over my calendar and (somewhat) plan my day: breakfast with Mark (downtown, at a fave haunt), a spot of writing, a bit o' the blogging e-course I'm currently enjoying, a late afternoon massage (holiday gift), and dinner (either at a local sports bar or take-out).  Nothing too exciting or glamorous; nevertheless, a sense of promise and gratitude certainly resides within.

Wishing you the simple joy of random moments on this gorgeous day.  Joy & peace!  T.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Wise Self Personal Challenge

Answered the Wise Self's call, last eve, to paint in my art journal!

Ever feel like the universe is continuously tapping you on the shoulder, knocking on your door or standing before you holding a sign?  I do; quite frequently, in fact.  I’m guessing most others do, too—at least to some extent. It's what I refer to as "my Wise Self in action..."

One of my best sources of self-celebration is found in connecting to and honoring my Wise Self. I accredit listening to + honoring my Wise Self for the writing of my first book. Currently, it's what's enabling me to craft a book proposal for my latest literary endeavor.

Even knowing this, I sometimes forget how very much wisdom my Wise Self has.  For example, I'll discount my concerns, or ignore a call to engage in a creative activity.  That's why I've issued myself the challenge below (which I hope you'll join me in!).

Here's the challenge:  The next time you feel that tap, hear the knock or see the sign...stop, and fully heed her call.  Then, act accordingly—in observance of what your Wise Self is encouraging you to do, not do, etc.  Afterwards, carve out time to reflect upon what happened...

Please share your Wise Self thoughts with me.  Joy & peace this lovely Friday! T.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Mindful Winter Afternoon's Walk

There’s an Anna Nalick tune that includes the line, “Winter just wasn’t my season...”  I've often said I could relate to that particular verse of that song...

Yesterday, despite chill winds that made temps in the lower 30’s feel even colder, I chose to walk to a scheduled afternoon meeting.  What this equates to is me, yet again, pushing past my comfort zone a bit.

Okay...confession time... My walk was only about six blocks each way.  Even so, this is somewhat significant.  Only a few years ago, I’d have, instead, driven to that meeting.  

I now realize what I would have missed, yesterday, in doing so:

sunny skies, smiling faces I passed along the way, fresh air, the chance to practice a moving meditation, a spot of added exercise during my day, lovely scenery (as pictured all throughout this post), and the joy found in doing something that initially pushed me outside of my comfort zone.

Winter just might be my season after all…  Joy, peace & happy “little Friday” to you!  T.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

January Adorations

This month...what I'm adoring most are recent photos of my precious family...

Son Andrew and daughter-in-law Amanda on their wedding day!

My two sons...Patrick and Andrew...

Son Patrick--enjoying a breakfast date with us while on holiday break from grad school

Celebrating my baby sis's sixth year cancer free with my love + BFF, Mark

Smiling joyfully, with Mark, at our son's wedding reception

Dancing with Andrew, my oldest son, on his wedding day!

Cuddling with diva pet, Tabitha while I write!

What is it you are adoring most this month?  Perhaps, like me, it's sacred photos displaying treasured memories. Please share!

Joy & peace!  T.