Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Classically Fun Ways to Style

Last eve's art journal bliss=one fun way to classically style!

I adore classic style.  My wardrobe selections are often inspired by icons such as Jackie O., Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly.  As much as I crave the timeless look, though; there's still that side of me that wants to creatively infuse fun into what I wear.  You see, my creative expressions are key to my celebration of my own authentic self.

My solution has been to satisfy both my urge for classic and tremendous need for creative fun--simultaneously.  It’s a subtle infusion of the unexpected—into the established--and still be outfitted appropriately for the office (which I love!).

Featured, below, are a few recent examples of this:

Ballet flats + leopard print tights

Black twinset and a leopard print scarf

Vintage sweater turtleneck + suit jacket together with a leather skirt 

Did I mention the leather skirt was a $20 thrift store find?!?

Riding boots paired with colorful tights

Are there others out there who enjoy doing the same?  Please share. Your inspirations are most welcome! 

Joy & peace, T.