Thursday, January 3, 2013

DIY: A Personalized Thank You Card

Meet my newest journal!  Isn't she lovely???

The beautiful journal, pictured above, was gifted to me by a dear friend.  It arrived in the mail a few days before Christmas with a heartwarming message of “just because” attached to it. 

I was over the moon to have received such a carefully-selected, totally-generous gift.  For those who might be new to the blog, I am a passionate journal writer (past related posts are found here, here, here and here).  And, the petal pink color of this journal--paired with the floral design--I absolutely ADORE it!!! The very least I could do was to send my friend one wickedly delicious thank you card...

I had a few boxed thank you cards hanging out in my sweet little writing basket.  None of them seemed to be special enough, however (indicating my need to replenish my stash with more of the crafted cards I relish sending).  There are several great shops, locally; so, I also toyed with taking a jaunt into town to do some card shopping.  That didn’t seem right, either, though...

Then, it hit me: Dive into what I take so much pleasure doing—collage something personalized for my lovely friend!  Yup, here’s what I did:

Started with a basic card (blank inside—so, I could write a personalized note).

Gathered images (pictures of: the ocean, relaxing waterside havens, lattes (all faves of hers), hot pink flowers (fuchsia is her favorite color), sunflowers (she hearts them), and several applicable quotes).  Then, with a glue stick at hand, I began arranging...

Below, are photos of the finished product:

Front of the card:

Inside (left side) of the card:

Back of the card:

This was such a worthwhile endeavor!  Not only was I able to engage in a creative pursuit I totally enjoy—I crafted something that was tailored solely for my fab friend (It's a mini vision board of sorts!). 

Have a great “little Friday” this Thursday. ;)  Joy & peace.  T.