Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fashion, Life Today & Sans Logic

A recent art journal collage pays homage to a fashion fave...

Sometimes, there's no clearcut theme--no aha to be found--no moral to the story.  Clearly, today's post fits tidily into this most illogical of categories.

Having only embraced the whole color blocking fad about a year ago, I now hear it's been eclipsed by the monochromatic look.  Yesterday, I made the decision to dive on in.  Sported a monochromatic ensemble into the office: cashmere cardigan sweater +  wool dress + tights + scarf + stilettos--all in black.  And...I have to admit...this style lent itself to a rather elegant feel...

Another thing I've recently admired online (and in magazines) is the pairing of a watch with a beaded bracelet (or six). So...I tried this look out on Friday as well.  Yet again, I enjoyed a fabulously lux vibe.  Obviously, this was also to my liking (smile).

As Saturday emerges, I pore over my calendar and (somewhat) plan my day: breakfast with Mark (downtown, at a fave haunt), a spot of writing, a bit o' the blogging e-course I'm currently enjoying, a late afternoon massage (holiday gift), and dinner (either at a local sports bar or take-out).  Nothing too exciting or glamorous; nevertheless, a sense of promise and gratitude certainly resides within.

Wishing you the simple joy of random moments on this gorgeous day.  Joy & peace!  T.