Thursday, January 24, 2013

Timeless Closet Treasures

This cashmere sweater is a timeless closet treasure...

My closet contains a few items I have continued to wear for many years.  These beloved pieces are timeless treasures to me! Having worn the lovely cashmere sweater featured both above and below, yesterday, I thought I’d share it and a few other “oldies but goodies” on the blog today...

Eddie Bauer cashmere sweater (18+ years old)

Wilson’s leather coat (nearly 25 years old)

Leather jacket purchased from a Spiegel outlet store (about 15 years old)

Avon gold clutch handbag (30+ years old!)

J.G. Hook cable knit turtleneck (purchased circa 1989)

Would ADORE hearing about any timeless treasures you enjoy sporting--year after year!  Joy & peace.  T.