Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fresh Air + Mama Nature + Saving the Planet

Me--following yesterday's run in nature

What an absolutely gorgeous day it was, yesterday.  With temps in the upper 40's and the sun shining brightly, it felt more like mid-March than it did late January.  This--I simply adore!

Amidst yesterday's assorted plans, I savored scads of fresh air, connected with Mama Nature and did a bit of good for the planet.  My actions were rather impromptu, and yes, they were in response to my beloved Wise Self's insistence.

Post a breakfast date with Mark, I went for a solo, late-morning run outdoors.  Sunshine, fresh air, exercise and the ability to connect with natural beauty--what a gift I gave myself!  Although I've enjoyed several outdoor walks (as of late), I don't believe I've been for a run since late November. Oh, how I've missed this!

After a spot of writing, I spied a stack of books alongside my desk--several I laid aside to take to the used bookstore.  "No time like the present," I thought.  Besides that, I was itching for, yet another, opportunity to enjoy more of that luscious fresh air.  Stepping into my closet, to retrieve a jacket, a grabbed a bag of clothes I'd packed to take to a local consignment shop.

"Downtown, here I come," I mused.  It was only a couple miles' drive.  The quaint, artsy little college town where I live boasts a sweet downtown historic district.  So, it doesn't take much to get me there.  An added bonus: I was recycling both the books and clothing items (a.k.a. saving the planet), helping two independent, local businesses and earning in-store credits for books and consignment shop goodies (which, clearly, I love!).

With temps in the 20's this morning, yesterday's springlike escapades are merely memories, now.  They are decidedly fond ones, though.

Joy & peace! T.