Friday, January 25, 2013

Transformative Reads...

Three books that have been transformative to me!

An age-old public service announcement proclaiming, “Reading is fundamental!”  used to frequently grace the airwaves. As an avid reader, it's a message I agree with—wholeheartedly.

Reading is something else, though; it’s transformative—or, at least, it sure can be.  Ever read something that made a real difference in your life? Brought about long-term, positive change? Encouraged you to pursue a call? Forced you to look at something differently?

For roughly 15 years now, I’ve read solely non-fiction--soaking up some really great stuff—as a result.  What’s uber fab is that I’m generally able to glean something useful from most everything I read.

A few books, though, I’d have to term as “transformative” as these reads have played an even greater role in in my life--resulting in positive change for the better.  Three books, most specifically, come to mind:

Louise Hay’s Empowering Women: Every Woman’s Guide to Successful Living:  This book introduced me to the healing art of self-affirmation.  More about my affirmation adoration is found in this past post.

(A Toltec Wisdom Book)Wow!  If anything has helped me to understand that others’ opinions of me aren’t my concern, this book has.  Yup, there’s a past post dedicated to this phenomenal read as well.

Kimberly Wilson's Hip Tranquil Chick: A Guide to Life On and Off the Yoga Mat:  This decidedly fun book brought me back to yoga and meditation (after being away from both for about ten years).  Living the yoga lifestyle (which is what this book is all about) has unlocked so much within my heart and soul--thus opening many added, wondrous doors for me.  Didn’t know about my passion for yoga?  Past posts are found here, here, here and here (Yes, indeed! When I say "passion," I mean it!).

What about you?  I know you’ve got to have transformative reads under your belt, too.  Would absolutely love to hear about them!

Joy, peace and happy Friday to you!  T.