Friday, January 4, 2013

"Tricking" the Work-Life Balance Scales...

Wednesday eve's pedi helped tip the scales a bit!

Work-life balance is oftentimes a tricky maneuvering act.  Sometimes, it requires me tricking myself a bit in order to tip the scales...

Case in point: Wednesday was my first day back in the office following an eleven-day vacation break. The day was action packed—infused with catch-up stuff galore.  I easily could have stayed at work beyond quitting time ( a salaried staff member, I’ve had to do from time-to-time to meet deadlines, sort out problematic issues, etc.). 

Wednesday evening, though, I made sure that wasn't what happened.  Yup, the night before, I sketched “Pedi” right onto my calendar and set my phone alarm to alert me a few minutes before quitting time.  It was an added assurance I would keep this most important appointment I had made for myself. 

Following my pedi (and, post a family dinner at home), I spent time working my other “job.”  I say, “job” (with quotes around it) because doing my right work (writing, creating art, sharing my mission of self-celebration with other women)—it honestly feels more like me time than it does like anything else. 

I’ve come to realize that as much as it may feel like play, it, too (to some extent) is work (or a hybrid between the two).  This means I need to also balance that time out with other activities as well. 

And...this past Wednesday evening...I did.  Took a break, and rode my exercise bike for 30 minutes.  Followed it up doing some highly-craved yoga poses.  Then, I enjoyed a glass of vino while savoring yummy time with loved ones.

Am I always this good at balancing out my days?  Unfortunately; no, I’m not.  There’s a clear awareness (on my part), however, of the need for said balance.  And--each year--I seem to be "tricking" the scales a scant closer in my favor (smile).

Joy, peace and a fab Friday to you!  T.