Friday, January 11, 2013

Week at-a-Glance: Sans the Busy

Ever have one of those weeks—where it is so hectic you had to stop and remember if you etched out any personal time or cared for yourself as you’d planned? I’ve had one of those weeks--this week.

As crazy-busy as it was, though, I know I did carve out instances of "me" time along the way.  Maybe it wasn’t as much as I usually lavish upon myself (smile); nevertheless, I did do a few things—solely for my own benefit. And..., it feels good—realizing I created space—just for me--despite the week’s fast-paced demands.

In celebration of efforts taken, here’s my demanding week at-a-glance (minus the busy stuff!):
  • Rode my exercise bike, followed by yoga stretches (3 evenings);
  • Read (about an hour on Wednesday evening);
  • Affirmed (every morning this week);
  • Art journal joy (30 minutes on Tuesday evening);
  • Lunch with friends (Tuesday);
  • Annual physical;
  • Drank plenty of water (daily!);
  • Wrote a few lines (literally) in my journal (nightly);
  • Routine medical testing;
  • Dental appointment;
  • Enjoyed consuming a variety of fruits and veggies (every day this week—Yay + gold star for me!);
  • Bed by 10 p.m. (two nights);
  • Yoga class (last night);
  • Worked on my book (a wee bit every evening this week);
  • Blogged (bright & early every morning this week);
  • Tapped into the grounding, healing power of deep breathing (daily & often); and
  • Fabulous, late night bath soaks (3 nights).
Here’s to good health, self-nurturing, sacred spaciousness and the fact that it’s Friday!  Joy & peace, T.