Monday, January 14, 2013

A Bit of Discomfort=A Comfy Fit

Hard to believe, but January's "halfway through" point arrives tomorrow... Here's what I've learned, thus far, in 2013: Discomfort is actually a highly comfy fit for me. Perhaps, I should clarify this statement a bit..

Late last month, I sketched out a list of my potential 2013 growth opportunities (those areas in which I hope to grow, gain skills, shed undesired patterns, etc.).  My 2013 plan for addressing growth opportunities includes this simple strategy:  Do at least one thing a day that I'm uncomfortable with.  

When I say "uncomfortable," I don't mean I'm disregarding my Wise Self's urgings to "shy away"from those things that are likely not best for me.  Rather, I'm talking about those instances where fear, the "safety" of choosing inactivity over activity, etc. prevents me from pursuing what I want to do.

Wanna hear something amazing?  I've been making myself uncomfortable (daily in 2013), and it's been a positive experience each time I've done so. 

Case in point: I've recently felt compelled to offer another art journaling workshop in the Toledo area (the last one took place last September).  As comfortable as it would have been to do so through a provider where I've conducted workshops in the past, I had an inner desire to branch out--reach added participants--enjoy a new, different experience--spread my figurative wings a bit.  

Last week, after coming upon a news article featuring an area non-profit that offers workshops similar to those I conduct, I stepped out of my comfort zone and sent an email.  This led to my receiving a follow-up phone call from the organization's director as well as an invite to present (in person) my proposal for a future workshop.

My first thoughts were not the comfiest.  I was, after all, stepping into the unknown.  I quickly reminded myself, however, about my vow to get uncomfortable in 2013...

I'm happy to report that, yesterday, I made my presentation.  The best part is that I'm presenting TWO workshops (I went in proposing one--was asked to do two!) this spring at a beautiful facility a short distance from where I live (will provide the details at a later point in time).  

I write this post, today, in an effort to encourage everyone reading to consider engaging, this week,  in at least one thing you WANT to do--but haven't as a result of fear, self-doubt or just plain old lack of comfort related to doing differently.  

Discomfort, for me, has been comfier than I could have ever imagined it might be!  Try it on. You, too, might agree.

Joy & peace, T.