Saturday, January 5, 2013

Best Foot Forward Requires Balance

A balanced life=best foot forward!

Yesterday’s post seemed to strike a resounding chord for many of you.  In light of that, I wanted to share a few simple balance mechanisms I’ve employed over the course of the past few days—in the hopes others might find them to be useful as well.  After all, putting one's best foot forward does require balance!

 Openly exercised my creative muscles via my attire
(Tall boots + red tights + sweater pencil skirt = office attire done fun, too!).

Took a break from evening writing to ride my exercise bike; 
then, luxuriated with a yoga sequence or two 
(hence, the running shoes paired with yoga pants).

Treated myself to a weekday solo lunch date.

Savored a yummy lavender tea while working industriously at the office.

Carved out free time to jot my 2013 dreams into the beloved art journal 
(which grants me easier assess to them).

Fun, creativity, relaxation, reflection and self-care... Bite-sized morsels of these sweets--sprinkled throughout the day--add up.  When you place enough of them into the proverbial “basket,” they serve to balance out the ever-looming work-life scenario.  This equates to the "best foot" being affixed firmly and squarely in front--deservedly; where it belongs.

Joy & peace.  T.